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By March 31, 2011Site-news

We’ve got Thor and Your Highness clips for you today. The first embed has 7 clips from Your Highness, which presumably has some Natalie stuff in there…I don’t know because I’m already sold on the film and don’t need to see anything more. Then we have a clip from Thor in which the big guy gets brought down to earth by Kat Dennings. It’s quite a goofy scene and probably looks like an extension of Your Highness, but hopefully these moments are few and far between in the final product.

UPDATE – Your Highness clips now after the jump as they were causing issues.

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  • nephi says:

    Hi Dazza, I think you may have to do that “videos after the jump” thing because the rest of the posts are missing after the first video for IE users.

  • dazza says:

    Hows it look now?

  • nephi says:

    Thanks so much. Can see the rest of the page now. This is minor but you can’t view the comments in this post in IE because of the videos.

  • Jecca101 says:

    Thank you so much for posting the “Your highness” behind the scenes. I’m already laughing at that movie but it’s mostly because of Danny McBride. He’s so FUNNY!

    BUT Why does THOR look so ridiculous to me, like a bad spoof or something.

    Is it just the THOR’s way of talking?

    Or is it the lame dialogue that reminds me of starwars? (which I actually liked because well, IT’S STAR WARS NOT THOR!) Nothing against Natalie, it’s not her fault the movie is GOING TO BE LAME.