Nat And Bat

A new candid of Natalie and Aleph (Ben was there too) has arrived to make me feel a bit silly about my Batman t-shirt. The photo was taken at Chez Ralph’s in Paris and was found by Aurore.



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Back in Paris

Natalie and family look to be back in Paris, where they were spotted out for a stroll this weekend (presumably on Halloween given Aleph’s attire). Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.


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This candid set from the weekend, featuring Natalie and Aleph out and about, has a few cuteness bombs. Unfortunately, Aleph is visible in the best shots, so please steer clear if that is your stance. Thanks to Kitten for the find.

Exclusive... Natalie Portman & Family Out For Breakfast In Los Feliz


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Hiking at Griffith Park

Natalie was spotted on another family outing earlier this week, this time taking a Labor Day hike with Whiz (!) through Griffith Park in Los Feliz. Please note that Aleph is visible in the photos. Thanks to Kitten for the finds.


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More Out And About-ing

Yet more candids from LA, with more on the way tomorrow. This time it’s Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph strolling. Where are they going? Where did they come from? These are the questions that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thanks to Kitten!


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Swim Day

Natalie and Aleph enjoyed a swim day at a friends house in Pomona on Saturday. Aleph can be seen in several photos, so please skip if you need to.



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Shopping with Aleph in L.A.

Natalie was spotted out and about in Los Feliz yesterday, doing some shopping with Aleph (whom is visible in all of the photos). Thanks to Adonis, via Celeb Baby Laundry, for the finds.


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House Hunting in Paris

We’ve updated the gallery with some new-old candid photos of Natalie and family visiting apartments in Paris back in April. Please note that Aleph is visible in the photos. Thanks to HQ Utopia.


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Still out and about in L.A.

Looks like the L.A. paparazzi are still out in full force, as Natalie was spotted out running errands again in Los Feliz, this time with Aleph (who is very visible). Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Get Shorty

Another new set of photos as Natalie, Ben and a very visible Aleph head out to lunch. You wouldn’t think it from the thumb below, but Natalie is actually rocking a pair of jean shorts.

Thanks to Kitten.



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Out and About in Los Feliz

Over the weekend, Natalie was spotted standing in line for coffee after a pilates class, and later stopping by a local nursery with Benjamin and Aleph (pictured) in Los Feliz. Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten for the finds (via Zimbio and Just Jared).


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Natalie was spotted out again earlier this week, this time leaving Italian eatery Osteria Mozza with Benjamin and Aleph (pictured) in Los Angeles. Candids courtesy of Russian HELLO! and popcornnews.



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Natalie Back in L.A.

Natalie and Aleph were spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday. Looks like they arrived from a brief stop in Miami based on these Twitter sightings. Please note that Aleph is clearly pictured in the gallery (but not at the source). Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten for the finds.


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As things are quiet for Natalie, at least publicly, no doubt she’s working hard on the edit of A Tale Of Love And Darkness, Benjamin is shuffling into the spotlight as director of the Opera ballet in Paris. The opening is tonight so hopefully we’ll get some Natalie sightings. If not, at least we have this new photo of the couple and Aleph. Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.



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Natalie and Benjamin were spotted on an outing with Aleph at Disneyland Paris last Thursday, and Belerofonte and Kitten have rounded up some sneaky fan photos. Please note that Aleph can be seen in one of the photos. Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


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Natalie and family in France

Usually, paparazzi pictures either bore me or make me uneasy, but these candid photos of Natalie on a family outing in Versailles are too cute to pass up (unless seeing Aleph pictured bothers you, then I’d steer clear). A big thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.


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Natalie and family in Tel Aviv

Hitting the last dregs, we’ve updated the gallery with some candid photos of Natalie riding a bike and dining out with Benjamin and Aleph (whom is clearly pictured in several photos) in Tel Aviv late last month. Thanks to Kitten for the find (via Mako).


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Is Natalie Expecting?

Yeeeah, so we’ve been trying to dance around this as much as possible. Waiting for some kind of official confirmation, but it hasn’t been forthcoming (in fact a Jewish paper claimed the couple said they were not expecting another child) and I can’t post this new (actually from a month ago) photo without stating the blindingly obvious – Aleph has a brother or sister on the way. I like to be very cautious with posts like this but this photo combined with the photo from the other day is pretty undeniable.

Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin. And Aleph :-)

UPDATE – Just to confirm, this is purely what my eyes are telling me and as such is not anything like an official announcement. I just don’t know what else to say but “well that’s a pregnant lady right there”. Natalie and Ben are keeping it on the down low and good for them, it’s working well. Hell, they should never announce it. It’s not like they owe that information to the public.


Big thanks to Kitten for the find.


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More Natalie in Israel

Kitten found another new set of candids at Xnet of Natalie dining out with Benjamin, Aleph (whom is clearly pictured in one of the photos), and her parents in Tel Aviv last October.

If the last recent set of candids didn’t convince anyone that Natalie might be expanding her family, these two fan photos from Facebook and Twitter (Aleph pictured) just might. Could a baby announcement be coming soon?


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Park Playdate

Natalie was pictured out at the Jardin d’Acclimation children’s amusement park with Aleph (who is clearly seen in all the pics) earlier today in France. Some really cute pics in the set.

Check out the pics by clicking the pic below.



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