New Miss Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with a new photo of Natalie on the set of the latest Miss Dior ad campaign. The source claims that director Anton Corbijn is putting a whole new spin on the image of Miss Dior, but it looks like more of the same to me. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Blooming Bouquet Day 5

Happy Friday, everyone. We’re wrapping up Blooming Bouquet week with one last shot from the set.


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Blooming Day 4

Only one more photo and day left. Oh the humanity. Whatever shall we do?



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Blooming Bouquet Day 3

This is working out well. The news week has been so quiet that it couldn’t have been planned better to post these great Dior photos to fill the void. Today’s image brings sexy back.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 2

We’re back with another new photo from Natalie’s Blooming Bouquet campaign for Dior. This one is even better than yesterday.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 1

We have some great new additions to the Blooming Bouquet set – 5 to be exact – and each day this week we will post a new image. These are courtesy of Marie Claire Korea.



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More Dior

edenLiao found another Instagram snapshot of Natalie on the set of a new Miss Dior campaign photo shoot. Looks like more of the same…


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New Poll + Results

We were well overdue for a new poll and here it is, a simple pulse check about Natalie’s Miss Dior exhibition appearance. If the comments section was any indication, there are quite variable opinions out there.

As for the last poll, if there was any growing tiredness for Natalie’s Miss Dior ads, it didn’t really reflect in the results.



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Dior Roundup

It’s going to be a busy weekend and today is no exception with a bunch of items related to Natalie’s appearance at the Dior exhibit in China.

Starting with a video of Natalie being interviewed about Dior and the exhibition.

Then we have another photo from the evening, which is one of the best from the event, imo (we’ll be doing a poll on the look this weekend).

And finally, it looks like there is another Miss Dior event for Vogue on the way in Shanghai.

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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Miss Dior Exhibition

Natalie made her first public appearance in months as she attended the Miss Dior exhibition in China. Lighting was a bit harsh but still cool to see her smiling for the cameras again. Rachel will set up our gallery a little later but in the meantime you can hit the thumbnail to see more at Just Jared. Thanks to Belerofonte and SIFE.


UPDATE – More at the gallery, thanks to Kitten.


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A nice selection of mini news items for you guys to dig into today.

– Natalie has received a Teen Choice nomination

- Natalie will be attending a Miss Dior cocktail party in China on Thursday. I guess the report that she would be attending the Shanghai International Film Festival is right on the money.

– And finally, a little mention that A Tale Of Love And Darkness has landed distribution in Italy via Massimo Ferrero.

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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Sooo damn quiet in Natalie land right now. At least Portmania is almost upon us.

– Let’s start with a great find by Belerofonte – Natalie partaking in a fan selfie at the Paris premiere of Thor: The Dark World.


– Kitten found another shot from day 1 of filming the new Miss Dior campaign. She thinks it may be a wedding theme – agree?


– And finally, Lee sent me a blogger link for an “article” titled ‘Celebs who have played with themselves on onscreen’. In this case they don’t mean Candy Crush, rather Natalie’s private (or so she thought) moment from Black Swan. As I clicked the link thinking “this should be creepy” I was actually pissed off. It’s just a slideshow of celebs from red carpet appearances with the celeb’s name and the film in which they are referencing…and that’s it. No commentary at all. I kinda like lists and even though a little smutty, it could have been interesting to read about the different kinds of going solo moments on film.

But the slideshow is so lame and pointless that I’m not even going to bother with the link.


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It’s time for a new poll and with not much else going on, the topic was an easy one – Natalie shooting a new Dior campaign in France. Are we still as excited as ever for her Dior collaborations? Let’s find out…

As for the least likely to work with poll, it was a close run between the masters of the green screen – George Lucas and Michael Bay. In the end Bay squeaked home for the “victory”.



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Miss Dior BTS

We’ve updated the gallery with a new-old behind-the-scenes photo of Natalie and makeup artist Eileen Kastner Delago on the set of Dior’s 2013 Miss Dior photo campaign and commercial. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with an HQ version of one of the photos from Natalie’s shoot with Tim Walker for her Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet fragrance campaign.


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It’s our 14th birthday. Even though the site was around prior to that, it was laying dormant when myself, Sanjiro and a few old time Natalie fans convinced Audio to let us relaunch it. Seems like a lifetime ago now. I won’t belabour the point but just want to thank Kris and Rachel for putting so much work into the site over the years, as well as the regular contributors who now more than ever (as finding time to work on the site gets harder and harder) help keep the site bringing the Natalie news to her fans.

It’s also Valentines Day, so wishes go out to all the lovers out there. And especially those who are looking for that special someone (hopefully not holding out for Natalie, that ship might have sailed).

As a birthday gift for the fans and as a pretty decent Valentines Day gift, here is the video for Blooming Bouquet. Really gorgeous I’m sure you’ll agree…although I can definitely go the rest of my life without hearing that song again.


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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with four HQ behind-the-scenes shots from Natalie’s new Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet fragrance campaign. A big thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Miss Dior

We have some amazing new Miss Dior snaps from the Blooming Bouquet set. A big thanks to Eden_Liao, lightscamerareaction and Kitten.





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More Dior

While it’s not entirely new, it looks like those of you who voted for a new Dior campaign in the latest poll got your wish. Another promo for Miss Dior’s new Blooming Bouquet eau de toilette has popped up online, and we now have an HQ version of the photo used in the print ad.


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Blooming Bouquet

I think it was this time last year when the Dior news starting pouring in, ushering aside the Natalie news drought. I don’t think we’re going to get as much as we did last year but it’s great to see a new Natalie ad, for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, that is actually a really gorgeous image to boot. The Miss Dior aesthetic has been very feminine and lush, but this image adds just a slight edge and the combination is great.

Thanks to Kitten for the find.


There’s also a one sheet version.


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