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More Miss Dior

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  We've updated the gallery with one more new photo from Natalie's Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming campaign, which has now launched on Dior's website.

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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Interview

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  EdenLiao found another new Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming clip, with an interview with Dior perfumer-creator François Demachy featuring new footage of Natalie behind the scenes. Click the preview to…

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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

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  We have some small but beautiful new preview photos from Natalie's upcoming Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming ad campaign to share with you today. Hit the preview to view more…

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New Dior Video

  Dior has unveiled today a video with a new version of its perfume, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. In it, we can see Natalie and François Demachy, perfumer-creator of the…

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Watch Natalie Visit Dior

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We have a great weekend surprise thanks to Eden_Liao. It is a video of Natalie picking out the scents that go into her Miss Dior perfume. Of most interest is that Natalie is speaking French throughout…perhaps French fans can update us in the comments as to how her pronunciation and fluency is progressing.

Struggling with the video autoplay so I am putting it after the jump. Or click the thumb below to go to the site and view it there.

Video of Natalie Portman at Dior

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Dior Interview

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  We have another video from Cannes, this time being interviewed by Dior. Thanks to Axwell.

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