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New Miss Dior Campaign is Coming

Apparently a new campaign for Miss Dior is coming up soon, and Women´s Wear Daily magazine spoke to Natalie, via phone from Australia, about it (obviously before she returned to the USA a few days ago). It’s an article for subscribers, but Yahoo has a summary of it.

In the article, Natalie talks about the new video ad for the campaign, filmed in the nature in Australia last year:

“It was so beautiful to be really outside with the ocean, the fields and with the trees,” said Portman.

“It’s still so much about roses,” she said of the fragrance. “But then it’s also got so much earthiness to it. I think you feel it in the film, too. You’ve got this feeling of the forest with these top notes of the flowers. And I think it’s also so much about this character, too. You’ve got this love and sensuality and wildness, but also something quite grounded and engaged with nature, and real, something very true”.

As a preview, we have a gorgeous image of Natalie for the campaign: