A chic-looking Natalie and husband Benjamin Millepied were spotted catching a taxi to a dinner event last Saturday and doing some sightseeing the following day in Venice, Italy. A big thanks to Kitten and Garcy for the finds (via The Daily Mail, JustJared, and CelebMafia)!


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Mini Pic Battle Final

It’s time for the final of our Dior Magazine pic battle. The cover image strolled to a huge 72% victory in the semi final, meaning we still haven’t really had a close matchup thus far. Maybe the final will finally deliver a more even contest.

1IerreoLtt VS cXasTXOXth


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In Attendance

Natalie and Benjamin attended a performance by the First Performing School Of Dance at the Palais Garnier last weekend. A blogger happened to be sitting a few seats over and took some blurry snaps. He describes Natalie as seeming “very shy” and like a “little girl”…at least according to Google translate :-P

Click the image below to go to the post. Thanks to Kitten.



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Natalie and family in France

Usually, paparazzi pictures either bore me or make me uneasy, but these candid photos of Natalie on a family outing in Versailles are too cute to pass up (unless seeing Aleph pictured bothers you, then I’d steer clear). A big thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.


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The first semi final was yet another comfortable victory – 59% for the horizontal shot. I’m somewhat perplexed that one of the more boring photos from the set has made it into the final but the people have spoken. To see which photos joins it…

1IerreoLtt VS KP6mbmwoth


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Natalie and family in Tel Aviv

Hitting the last dregs, we’ve updated the gallery with some candid photos of Natalie riding a bike and dining out with Benjamin and Aleph (whom is clearly pictured in several photos) in Tel Aviv late last month. Thanks to Kitten for the find (via Mako).


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We Day Cap

Thanks to Kitten we have confirmation that Natalie did participate in We Day via a video feed. If anyone manages to find the video, please drop me a line. Would love to see what Natalie had to say to the crowd.



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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with an HQ version of one of the photos from Natalie’s shoot with Tim Walker for her Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet fragrance campaign.


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More Set Photos

We’ve updated the gallery with some more photos of Natalie on the set of A Tale of Love and Darkness this month, presumably in the final days of filming. Thanks to Kitten for the find (via Ynet).


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A good batch of mini updates for you guys today. Enjoy.

- First up a new article about Natalie and her A Tale Of Love And Darkness collaboration with Polish cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. It also comes with this new photo of the two of them.


- Next up is an article speculating that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups could be premiering in Cannes. The final lineups are announced in just a couple weeks so the wait won’t be too long.

- Finally, a couple Natalie related tweets. The first from a sighting in France and the second from the probable DJ for the Tale Of Love And Darkness wrap party.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.


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More Set Photos

We have some more set photos, with Natalie in front of the camera, from one of the last days of filming for A Tale Of Love And Darkness.

UPDATE – copy paste fail. Link to the gallery now works.


Thanks to Massimo (if you have some time check out his band – The Bad Voice) and Nikiya.


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The second matchup wwas a total blowout. Three quarters of the votes went to the black and white profile shot. Here’s is the next match up featuring another two similar shots.

KP6mbmwoth vs 7vzcJvBmth


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Natalie was photographed out and about with a group of friends in Tel Aviv last Friday before wrapping up A Tale of Love and Darkness production this week. A fan spotted her in a cafe the same day. Thanks to Kitten for the finds (via Ynet).


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But not for long. We have some new photos, found by Kitten on Facebook, showing Natalie filming A Tale Of Love And Darkness next to the Jordan River. These were taken last week but I am informed by my source that production ends this week.



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More Marie Claire

We’ve updated the gallery with one more HQ outtake from Natalie’s editorial for the November 2013 issue of Marie Claire. Thanks to eden Liao as always.


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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with some UHQ and text-free versions of photos from Natalie’s editorial for the fifth issue of Dior Magazine. Thanks to Kitten (via HQ Utopia).


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High Rez Star Wars

Here is the other HUGE Star Wars photo. I far prefer this one. Much better lighting…no Hayden.



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Huge Star Wars Photo

Kitten has found a couple Star Wars photos, the first of which we have for you below. Okay, fine, the lighting is amateurish and the photo forces us to think of Hayden Christensen for the first time in a decade, but can’t beat Natalie in that Padme outfit. Oh, and the resolution of the photo is a neck straining 5345×6728.



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More Dior

I’m back from a long week with no internet to bring you all some more Dior editorial shots (are you guys tired of these yet?). A big thanks to Kitten (via moon-light-world), who found a bunch of new outtakes from Natalie’s 2013 shoot with Frederic Auerbach.


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Marie Claire

I’ve been cartwheeling ever since the new Dior Magazine photo set arrived, but these two extras from the Marie Claire shoot are enough to make me crash back down to earth. From the sublime to the ridiculous. The styling on these shots are absolutely criminal. Or am I overreacting a tad? :-P

LJVCtDgth 3IjPWJcth

Thanks to Kitten.


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