Blooming Bouquet Day 2

We’re back with another new photo from Natalie’s Blooming Bouquet campaign for Dior. This one is even better than yesterday.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 1

We have some great new additions to the Blooming Bouquet set – 5 to be exact – and each day this week we will post a new image. These are courtesy of Marie Claire Korea.



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Get The Look

We haven’t had one of these style-centric updates for awhile, but Juan took the effort to track down a couple of the items from Natalie’s return to LA outfit, so let’s make sure it gets seen by any Natalie fans who might want to indulge.

Natalie’s bag is the Adidas Iconic Big Tote by galpal, Stella McCartney. She’s also wearing Stella on her, presumably, tiny feet – Adidas Weekender Sneakers


Natalie_20Portman_20Natalie_20Portman_20Benjamin_20Millepied_20N675z9oJm_7l (1)


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New Closer Promo

It’s a little awkward looking but hell, a new Closer promo photo is alright by me!



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Back in L.A.

Natalie and Benjamin were spotted arriving back from Paris to Los Angeles International Airport yesterday. Thanks to Kitten and Adonis for the finds.


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Mille Gala

Natalie is finally back in France and several photos have emerged of her and Benjamin attending a gala for Richard Mille, whom Natalie collaborated with on a signature watch (and yes, she’s obviously wearing it). Thanks to Belerofonte for the Instagram finds.


Here is another shot. And here. And a blurry snap from Twitter here.


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Hiking at Griffith Park

Natalie was spotted on another family outing earlier this week, this time taking a Labor Day hike with Whiz (!) through Griffith Park in Los Feliz. Please note that Aleph is visible in the photos. Thanks to Kitten for the finds.


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More Out And About-ing

Yet more candids from LA, with more on the way tomorrow. This time it’s Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph strolling. Where are they going? Where did they come from? These are the questions that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thanks to Kitten!


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Swim Day

Natalie and Aleph enjoyed a swim day at a friends house in Pomona on Saturday. Aleph can be seen in several photos, so please skip if you need to.



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Shopping with Aleph in L.A.

Natalie was spotted out and about in Los Feliz yesterday, doing some shopping with Aleph (whom is visible in all of the photos). Thanks to Adonis, via Celeb Baby Laundry, for the finds.


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Grazia Interview

In case you missed it, here’s Natalie’s entire interview with Carrie Buckle for Grazia Middle East, plus a (sort of) new photo from the Paolo Roversi shoot. Thanks to Kitten, via moon-light-world.



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Secret French Film

Two pieces of film news in one week? What is this witchcraft? Below is a new article/interview feature from Grazia magazine. Dior is the main subject, but Natalie talks about film, family, food and France. In particular, she mentions that she has a French film in the works, but it’s a secret. Consider my curiosity well and truly piqued.


Thanks to Eden and Kitten.


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Did someone say film news? Holy hell, it has been too. Damn. Long. Here is a very evocative “promo” poster of Natalie’s first directorial feature film, A Tale Of Love And Darkness.

image (6)th

Thanks to Belerofonte and Collider.


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The Find Of The Year

Natalie fans are blessed with a catalogue of thousands of photos of her through the years. However, we all know that for every one great editorial shot, there are dozens more that are just as good but never see the light of day. When we do catch a glimpse of these “extras”, particularly years after the fact, it feels akin to finding treasure. Today Kitten delivered some priceless gems, with several additions to one of the very first ever Natalie photoshoots.

Click the thumb below to check out the additions to the Bruce Weber shoot of Natalie and Alessandro Gassman from 1994.


Thanks to Teenageddirtstache


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House Hunting in Paris

We’ve updated the gallery with some new-old candid photos of Natalie and family visiting apartments in Paris back in April. Please note that Aleph is visible in the photos. Thanks to HQ Utopia.


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We continue the Leon content, in celebration of the film’s 20 year anniversary, with some set photos of Natalie posing with cast and crew. I think this classic Gary Oldman pose has been seen by all but these others might be new to some fans. In order, Natalie with director Luc Besson, with Jean Reno and with everyoooooone!





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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with some much higher quality shots from Natalie’s new Diorskin Star photo shoot. We also have an UHQ scan of the print ad. A big thanks to edenLiao and Kitten.


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Eden Liao is back with another Dior Star find, and this might be my favourite shot. Mostly because of the shadows caused by Natalie’s eyelashes. What do you think?



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Rouge Dior Baume

Baume! The weekend of awesome Natalie content kicks off with two ads from her new Rouge Dior Baume campaign. Based on those two images it’s already a huge step up from its predecessor, the awful Rouge Dior campaign. A big thanks to Eden Liao for the find.

tumblr_nabbepLCKy1rf29u9o1_500th tumblr_nabbepLCKy1rf29u9o2_500th


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Bacall Statement

Following up from yesterday’s update, Natalie has now released a statement about Lauren Bacall’s passing. Clearly she made a lasting impression on Natalie. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


“Lauren Bacall’s strength, wit and talent matched her extreme beauty. I had the great fortune that she so generously allowed me to direct her in my first short film,” the 33-yera-old actress told “It was a true honor to watch her act up close – her sense of humor, timing and imagination were apparent in every moment. I will never forget the gift of her trust in me and the inimitable and vast talent she had. My deepest condolences to her loved ones.”


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