LA Dance Project

Natalie attended a benefit for Benjamin’s LA Dance Project and The Daily Mail are wasting no time stirring up another pregnancy rumour. Draw your own conclusions…


Thanks to Belerofonte. Check back later when Rachel will hopefully have some more photos from the event.

UPDATE – Click here to view HQ photos in the gallery, thanks to Kitten.


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ArcLight Date Night

Natalie and Benjamin were spotted treating themselves to a movie date night at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood yesterday evening. A short video of the couple navigating the crowd can be viewed after the jump. Thanks to anna1992anna and Kitten.



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Cutest Advert Thus Far

Benjamin’s LA Dance Project are returning to LA for a set of shows starting on the weekend, and guess who he has enlisted to get the word out on Facebook and Instagram. This probably also means we can look forward to a new public appearance for Natalie.


Thanks to Belerofonte.


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More Woodstock

We’ve updated the gallery with a ton of new photos (over 100) of Natalie’s appearance at the 2014 Woodstock Film Festival 15th Annual Maverick Awards Gala yesterday evening, including the pre-awards dinner, ceremony, and backstage. A huge thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten for the finds.


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Woodstock Film Festival

Last night Natalie, together with Jennifer Connelly, presented Darren Aronofsky with a Maverick Award on behalf of the Woodstock Film Festival. I’ve set up a temporary album featuring mostly behind the scenes snaps from the event, but hopefully Rachel can find some better quality Natalie photos a bit later on. Click the GORGEOUS thumb below to view the gallery.


In addition, we have a video snippet of Natalie’s speech via Instagram. Thanks to Belerofonte.


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We’ve updated the gallery with a new-old photo of Natalie playing foosball with patients in the Teen Lounge (where she became involved as a volunteer in 2008) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles back in late August.


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This candid set from the weekend, featuring Natalie and Aleph out and about, has a few cuteness bombs. Unfortunately, Aleph is visible in the best shots, so please steer clear if that is your stance. Thanks to Kitten for the find.

Exclusive... Natalie Portman & Family Out For Breakfast In Los Feliz


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Courage To Care

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Natalie was to be honoured by the LA Children’s Hospital with the Courage To Care award, for her dedication and support to the hospital. Last night was the event and Natalie arrived on the red carpet with Benjamin. We’ll have a gallery up later but until then click the thumb below for the Daily Mail’s account, along with some good quality images of the Grecian inspired outfit.


UPDATE – Click here to see UHQ photos in the gallery.


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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with a new-old outtake from Natalie’s 2013 Dior Rouge campaign, which was recycled for the new Dior Rouge Baume campaign. Thanks to edenLiao for the find.


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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with another “new” photo from Natalie’s Dior Rouge Baume campaign courtesy of Dior’s Tumblr.


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Mille Addition

We have a new addition to the Richard Mille appearance from a few weeks back, and it’s probably the clearest photo so far. Pictured with Natalie is Mille himself and Benjamin. Thanks to Belerofonte.



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Fall Gala

We have just a few photos from Natalie’s appearance at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala, which is a real shame because I’m really digging this look. Bloomberg has a write up of the event, which includes a little Natalie and Benjamin mention near the end.

Natalie Portman

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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Meeting Max Minghella

Lost in the shuffle, we’ve updated the gallery with some new candids of Natalie meeting fellow actor Max Minghella for lunch in Los Feliz earlier this month.


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You Have A Friend

Not quite Blooming Bouquet but cute in their own way, here are some photos of Natalie for the Israel charity, You Have A Friend. The charity distributes food to the less fortunate families in Jerusalem and Natalie is a patron – click here for a written message of support from Natalie, as well as another photo.



Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Blooming Bouquet Day 5

Happy Friday, everyone. We’re wrapping up Blooming Bouquet week with one last shot from the set.


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Blooming Day 4

Only one more photo and day left. Oh the humanity. Whatever shall we do?



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Blooming Bouquet Day 3

This is working out well. The news week has been so quiet that it couldn’t have been planned better to post these great Dior photos to fill the void. Today’s image brings sexy back.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 2

We’re back with another new photo from Natalie’s Blooming Bouquet campaign for Dior. This one is even better than yesterday.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 1

We have some great new additions to the Blooming Bouquet set – 5 to be exact – and each day this week we will post a new image. These are courtesy of Marie Claire Korea.



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Get The Look

We haven’t had one of these style-centric updates for awhile, but Juan took the effort to track down a couple of the items from Natalie’s return to LA outfit, so let’s make sure it gets seen by any Natalie fans who might want to indulge.

Natalie’s bag is the Adidas Iconic Big Tote by galpal, Stella McCartney. She’s also wearing Stella on her, presumably, tiny feet – Adidas Weekender Sneakers


Natalie_20Portman_20Natalie_20Portman_20Benjamin_20Millepied_20N675z9oJm_7l (1)


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