Best Leon Scene/Moments

In a few days I want to do a Leon The Professional poll, asking Natalie fans to vote on their favourite scene or moment from the film. Rather than just pick MY favourite moments for you to choose from, I’m opening it up so that you can leave your suggestions in the comments. Selections from the original and extended cut are valid. Go nuts!



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Blooming Bouquet Day 5

Happy Friday, everyone. We’re wrapping up Blooming Bouquet week with one last shot from the set.


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Blooming Day 4

Only one more photo and day left. Oh the humanity. Whatever shall we do?



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Blooming Bouquet Day 3

This is working out well. The news week has been so quiet that it couldn’t have been planned better to post these great Dior photos to fill the void. Today’s image brings sexy back.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 2

We’re back with another new photo from Natalie’s Blooming Bouquet campaign for Dior. This one is even better than yesterday.



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Blooming Bouquet Day 1

We have some great new additions to the Blooming Bouquet set – 5 to be exact – and each day this week we will post a new image. These are courtesy of Marie Claire Korea.



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Get The Look

We haven’t had one of these style-centric updates for awhile, but Juan took the effort to track down a couple of the items from Natalie’s return to LA outfit, so let’s make sure it gets seen by any Natalie fans who might want to indulge.

Natalie’s bag is the Adidas Iconic Big Tote by galpal, Stella McCartney. She’s also wearing Stella on her, presumably, tiny feet – Adidas Weekender Sneakers


Natalie_20Portman_20Natalie_20Portman_20Benjamin_20Millepied_20N675z9oJm_7l (1)


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New Poll + Results

Garden State came out 10 years ago and it’s a film that felt very fresh at the time but it seems opinions have changed a bit. So I wanted to see if this was the case with Natalie fans. I know the answers don’t cover everything but hopefully there is a choice close to how you feel.

As for the results of that glorious Natalie news week – you poor guys are so film deprived that even a sniff of a new project takes precedence over everything.



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New Closer Promo

It’s a little awkward looking but hell, a new Closer promo photo is alright by me!



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We’ve got two wonderful pieces of Natalie fanart today. Could be that we see one or two of these in the running for the next Charlie Awards. Thanks to Dejajavu (that is Natalie right?) and Fecundo.

dejajavu10517243_1463779070575231_3777195942312680259_oth fecundo10547991_813279438712749_578149395591551819_oth


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Back in L.A.

Natalie and Benjamin were spotted arriving back from Paris to Los Angeles International Airport yesterday. Thanks to Kitten and Adonis for the finds.


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Blast From The Past

Crazy day. Don’t have much time. So here is a video with a lot of interviews from the British premiere of The Phantom Menace. A fresh faced Natalie appears at the 8:50 mark. Thanks to Belerofonte for the trip down memory lane.


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Mille Gala

Natalie is finally back in France and several photos have emerged of her and Benjamin attending a gala for Richard Mille, whom Natalie collaborated with on a signature watch (and yes, she’s obviously wearing it). Thanks to Belerofonte for the Instagram finds.


Here is another shot. And here. And a blurry snap from Twitter here.


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Jane Got A Meh

Jane Got A Gun, the Natalie film with the most disastrous of productions, is a film that’s still a big old question mark, with basically no official materials to indicate that the film even exists. Well it does and lightscamerareaction spoke to an Awards Daily member who managed to catch a screening. We’ve had a screening review before, which called the film dull (although Natalie got praise). This latest review? Dull and no praise.

I know typically I don’t read much about the movies coming up soon, but I guess I just didn’t care enough about this one when it was first announced, so I’ve been following the disaster of the making of it. So I felt that I sort of had to go to the test screening.

Well, the movie wasn’t that great. It just seemed pretty bland to me. The movie opens and closes with a narration (that doesn’t need to even be there) claiming that Jane is a legend and heroic and has been talked about all the time, but really, her character doesn’t do much in the movie that’s so legendary or heroic. So pretty much the title “Jane Got a Gun” is misleading. Yes, she gets a gun, and yes she does shoot some people, but really, I was at least expecting some kind of Johnny Guitar heroism, or hell, even Sharon Stone Quick and the Dead. Maybe have some horse chases through the desert or fights in the canyon or bank robbery, or something like that, but instead it’s basically her and two guys stuck at her house preparing for the bad guys to come.



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Hiking at Griffith Park

Natalie was spotted on another family outing earlier this week, this time taking a Labor Day hike with Whiz (!) through Griffith Park in Los Feliz. Please note that Aleph is visible in the photos. Thanks to Kitten for the finds.


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More Out And About-ing

Yet more candids from LA, with more on the way tomorrow. This time it’s Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph strolling. Where are they going? Where did they come from? These are the questions that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thanks to Kitten!


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Swim Day

Natalie and Aleph enjoyed a swim day at a friends house in Pomona on Saturday. Aleph can be seen in several photos, so please skip if you need to.



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It’s time for another batch of mini updates. They make up for their small stature with a lot of heart.

– Let’s kick things off withIndiewire’s Throwback Thursday choice to look back at Black Swan. It has a nice little summary of some stand out quotes from the cast and director, Darren Aronofsky, including this quote below, regarding what the the film schedule delays meant for Natalie.

‘And one of the advantages was that because the money really came through for a really long time… We kept having to push. And one thing I didn’t realize until recently was that everytime we pushed, Natalie was like ‘another three weeks of carrot sticks and almonds! I’m gonna kill you!’ So she really was tortured pretty badly because we had such a hard time getting the money for the film.”‘

– Cincillo may have found the original script for Garden State. Just judging by the last page, which has a musical cue for a Radiohead song, which wasn’t in the film, I’m inclined to think it might be legit.

– Speaking of Garden State, as with Leon, the film is celebrating its own milestone.


– Lastly, a few days back we crossed the 50k likes mark on our Facebook page. Let’s see if we can get to 100k before Natalie’s next film arrives 😉


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Calendar For September

Thought we had forgotten? Think again. Here is the new desktop wallpaper calendar for September. We’re still paying respects to Leon: The Professional’s 20 year anniversary, hence the choice of image for Rachel’s wallpaper.




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Natalie was spotted out and about in Los Feliz yesterday, doing some shopping with Aleph (whom is visible in all of the photos). Thanks to Adonis, via Celeb Baby Laundry, for the finds.


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