Natalie appears on the cover of UK’s Stella Magazine, which is a supplement to the Sunday Telegraph. However it is a new photo from the Vogue shoot a couple years ago…probably the best photo from that shoot actually. Thanks to Kitten.

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Thor 2 Germany Premiere

Natalie attended the premiere of Thor: The Dark World at CineStar Potsdamer Platz in Berlin this Sunday. She joined costars Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet and posed for photos, which I’m presently adding to the gallery as quickly as possible (sorry, guys, I got busy). Keep checking back for more!

She’s looking amazing in another Dior gown. Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte for staying on top of the new pics!


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Here are a batch of news items – apologies if any of these have been covered in other updates.

– According to this site, Natalie will make her 16th appearance on Late Night With David Letterman on November 6th. Should we still get excited about her appearing on his show or at this point is it a case of Letterman fatigue?

– Natalie will be attending the German premiere soon, and Belerofonte found a live stream of the event, which begins at 18:00 local. Check back later for a look at her next red carpet look.

– Rachel found a text free version of the Jane Foster character poster.

– Finally, Natalie and Kat Dennings give a cute little interview below. They’re always a lot of fun together.


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Greetings. I am now back and rested from my overseas trip. Had a wonderful time in Barcelona and was able to relax having seen that Kitten and Rachel were doing such a great job keeping you guys up to date with all the great Natalie news.

As I get back up to speed, I thought I’d do a post about the Thor: The Dark World reviews. I don’t believe there has been an update about them yet so…

There are currently 15 reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes and the score is a very promising 87% fresh. However, the average rating is only 6.9, which indicates that a lot of the positive reviews are just lukewarm. My issue with the Marvel films is that, while never bad, they’re also very rarely anything great either. Sounds like Thor 2 is going to be more of the same, which is admittedly a win for Marvel and for most film goers out there.

Here are a few sample quotes from the reviews…

Thor: The Dark World delivers the goods – action, otherworldly grandiosity, romance, humor – above and beyond its predecessor.

Though it uses some spotty logic and galactic-sized plot contrivances to get it over the finish line, Thor: The Dark World is never less than breathlessly entertaining.

This robust, impersonal visual-effects showpiece proves buoyant and unpretentious enough to offset its stew of otherwise derivative fantasy/action elements.

It feels entirely made by committee – the definition of house style, without a personal stamp in sight.


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Park Playdate

Natalie was pictured out at the Jardin d’Acclimation children’s amusement park with Aleph (who is clearly seen in all the pics) earlier today in France. Some really cute pics in the set.

Check out the pics by clicking the pic below.



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TF1 Interview

Natalie is going to be appearing on French TV later on this evening on TF1. They have tweeted a picture of her on set. Click the pic to see the gallery.


Check The Video out under the cut or here TF1.



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French Press Conference

Natalie is being kept busy, attending another press conference for Thor 2 The Dark World. This time in France.

Again, it is only fan pictures at the moment, check out the gallery by clicking the pic below

UPDATE – Check out the video of the press conference after the jump.



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Natalie was on Radio 1 this morning on the Nick Grimshaw Show. Nick tweeted this cool photo-set. Check it out below, click for the full size.


You can listen to the show here Nick Grimshaw Show . I don’t actually know when Natalie appears, as I haven’t had a chance to listen, can someone let us know and we can put it on the post 😀

UPDATE Thanks to Narkel for the info:

She appears at 1.39.50
Nat talked about food, moving to Europe, trying French accent, acting with green screens, hardest scene to shoot, kissing Chris, the SNL rap (one of her friends gave her a frame copy of the NY Times review where she was named “Most significant white female rapper of all time”).
It was funny, more relaxed and much better than her interview with Graham.


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French Premiere

Natalie has arrived for the French Premiere of Thor 2 The Dark World.

I am adding pictures to the gallery just now, liking this look a lot more than last night, what do you guys think?


EDIT, some HQ’s have been added to the gallery, credit to isa_ at tlfan. There are a few more HQ pics on the forum, I couldn’t add them to the gallery, presumably because they are too large. Rachel has now added the UHQ pics to the gallery. Enjoy


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French Arrival

Natalie arrived in France earlier this morning with Aleph, in preparation for the French premiere of Thor 2 The Dark World tonight.

Aleph is visible in all the pics, just to make you aware of that. Although I do have to say he does look awesome, rocking the shades 😀

Check out the gallery by clicking the pic below.



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Thor 2 Afterparty

Following the World Premiere of Thor: The Dark World, Natalie was spotted heading back to her hotel with Benjamin and joining her costars outside an afterparty for the film’s London debut. How do you guys think her party dress stacks up to her red carpet look?


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Thor London Premiere

The London Premiere for Thor is underway as I type. I am adding pictures to the gallery as I find them. Natalie is looking lovely….from the waist up….

Check out the gallery by clicking the pic below, and tell us what you think of the whole look.


UPDATE – The gallery has been updated with 30+ HQ additions, thanks to anna1992anna!


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Radio 1 Visit

Kicking off her busy day Natalie was pictured arriving at Radio 1 in London earlier today. Credit to Celebrity Gossip

She was there to obviously promote Thor 2 The Dark World, which is going to be premièring in London tonight so more Natalie goodness will be following shortly as the stars are due to arrive for the premiere in just over 90 minutes.

In the meantime, Check out the gallery of Natalie at Radio 1 by clicking the pic below.

UPDATE – The gallery has been updated with 20+ HQ additions, thanks to anna1992anna!


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Collider Interview

Collider.com have a new Natalie interview for Thor 2. Natalie talks about V for Vendetta, Deleted Scenes, What she collects and more, check it out below.


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Belerofonte found 2 videos of the Press Conference in London earlier today. Natalie only answers 3 questions, but there are some cute moments, Kat loves Natalie. And one interesting fact, Natalie’s mom keeps a scrapbook of photos of Natalie, that are used or manipulated into the films that she has done.

EDIT there is now a video with just Natalie’s bits, check it out below, the other 2 videos of the full press conference are under the cut.



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Thor Press Conference

Kicking off what is sure to be a busy week, Natalie attended a press conference in London for Thor 2: The Dark World earlier today.

So far we only have pictures from Twitter, which are all a bit grainy, let’s hope some clear shots emerge.

EDIT I found a clear shot thanks toRedCarpetNewsTV

Check out the gallery by clicking the picture below.



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Thor 2 Promotional Stills

Belerofonte found a ton of new Thor: The Dark World production stills and still frames at ComicBookMovie.com. Six of them featuring Jane Foster have been added to the gallery.

Kitten spotted a promotional photo of Natalie posing in costume on the Thor Movies Tumblr, after the jump.



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Natalie’s appearance on yesterday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show is now available for streaming on BBC iPlayer and YouTube. If you live outside of the UK, you will probably not be able to view them without a proxy extension (sorry!). Thanks to Amo and Joe Schmo! UPDATE – The entire episode has been uploaded in four parts on a YouTube channel. Not sure if they’re region blocked or how long they’ll stay up.

NPyall found a shorter clip of Graham looking at Chris Hemsworth and Natalie’s Thor action figures that doesn’t appear to be region blocked after the jump.



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Thor Tidbits


I´ve been able to update our Facebook and Twitter pages, but this is my first update on holiday. It´s partly due to not having the time and partly down to the annoyance of fighting with an OS and keyboard for Spanish users.

I have a bit of time so here are a few mini Thor news items.

– Thor: The Dark World is tracking better than the first film. THR is reporting that the film could land around $10 million over the first films opening weekend haul of $65 million.

– Marvel have released 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage from the film. I haven´t been able to watch it all yet to determine how much Natalie there is, but I think a spoiler warning is appropriate.

– Actually scratch that, Kitten has found a video just comprising of the Natalie parts.

Thanks to Mariel, Anqxxx and Andre.


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The Graham Norton Show

Natalie is going to be appearing on the Graham Norton Show tonight in the UK to promote Thor 2 The Dark World.

The episode was filmed last night, and we have added some pictures to the gallery. Check out the gallery by clicking the pic below.


It’s been a while since I have seen Natalie on TV, and with it being the Graham Norton show it should certainly be interesting. For those who can get BBC 1, it is on at 10.35pm tonight.


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