More Set Photos

We’ve updated the gallery with some more photos of Natalie on the set of A Tale of Love and Darkness this month, presumably in the final days of filming. Thanks to Kitten for the find (via Ynet).


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A good batch of mini updates for you guys today. Enjoy.

– First up a new article about Natalie and her A Tale Of Love And Darkness collaboration with Polish cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. It also comes with this new photo of the two of them.


– Next up is an article speculating that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups could be premiering in Cannes. The final lineups are announced in just a couple weeks so the wait won’t be too long.

– Finally, a couple Natalie related tweets. The first from a sighting in France and the second from the probable DJ for the Tale Of Love And Darkness wrap party.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.


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I thought the third matchup would be a lot closer but 71% for the black and white photo is a landslide victory. Today is the last matchup before we starting pairing up the winners.

1IerreoLtt VS YUf4jiGHtt


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More Set Photos

We have some more set photos, with Natalie in front of the camera, from one of the last days of filming for A Tale Of Love And Darkness.

UPDATE – copy paste fail. Link to the gallery now works.


Thanks to Massimo (if you have some time check out his band – The Bad Voice) and Nikiya.


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A couple cool tidbits for you guys this evening.

– First up, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky’s follow up film is opening around the world and The Playlist have done a piece compiling a list of the best performances in his films. Natalie obviously gets a mention, as does her screen mom, Barbara Hershey. Below is an excerpt of the really nice write up.

Portman had been an enormously promising actress since her breakthrough in “Léon,” but for every turn that fulfilled that promise, there’d be another with flat line readings or ill-advised choices. But “Black Swan” put any doubt to rest, with Portman perfectly cast as the demure ballerina with a dark side. Her downtrodden, naive little girl in the film’s opening scenes plays nicely into her child star background, and the actress sketches out Nina, and her white swan side, deftly and economically. But very gradually, she lets the black swan out too (Aronofsky often described the film as a werewolf movie in all but name), and we see the cold ambition, the repressed sexuality, and the near-feral darkness that Nina appears to have been hiding for so long. It’s very unlike anything that Portman has done before or since, and all the more terrifying for it: the way she moves in the final dance sequence, regal and withering and monstrous, more reptile than bird, chills the blood. And yet Portman doesn’t let it slip into pure genre either, as the hint of the girl she used to be returns as Nina dances her last number.

– Next up is an opportunity for anyone out there with a healthy bank balance. Natalie’s gown from The Other Boleyn Girl is up for auction. There are no bids yet. Yay! But the opening bid has to be $4000. Boo! If you’re interested, click the image below.



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We have a new contributor called Boris to thank for this new Natalie drawing.

Natalie Portman fan art (Boris Moreno)th


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As expected, Natalie was not able to attend We Day, but it sounds like she was able to take some part in the event via Skype…actually it sounds more like she was able to see some of it as the video mentioned below is the one that was recorded ages ago. That said, I believe the event is still ongoing so maybe there will be a surprise in store. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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The Tale Is Told

According to this source, it seems Natalie’s directorial debut finished filming yesterday. A wrap party is scheduled for Thursday, which must question whether Natalie will be making a (live) appearance at We Day in California today. Thanks to Kitten.

As an aside, Belerofonte noticed that Hervé Schneid has been listed by IMDB as the editor. He’s done great work on Amelie, Delicatessen etc.


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The second matchup wwas a total blowout. Three quarters of the votes went to the black and white profile shot. Here’s is the next match up featuring another two similar shots.

KP6mbmwoth vs 7vzcJvBmth


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Natalie was photographed out and about with a group of friends in Tel Aviv last Friday before wrapping up A Tale of Love and Darkness production this week. A fan spotted her in a cafe the same day. Thanks to Kitten for the finds (via Ynet).


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But not for long. We have some new photos, found by Kitten on Facebook, showing Natalie filming A Tale Of Love And Darkness next to the Jordan River. These were taken last week but I am informed by my source that production ends this week.



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The first matchup ended with a 55%-45% victory for this photo. Bit surprised by that one as I thought the angles of the other similar photo were much more elegant.

The next match up requires a little imagination. Hopefully you can view the magazine scan photo as if it were a clean high rez image.

6lzBrku (1)th VS VpPDBBoVth


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KoC for Cannes?

Not sure how legitimate this is but screw it, I’ll post anything to do with Natalie’s upcoming films at this point. This Italian Ryan Gosling site claims (check the comments below the post) that a source has told him/her that director Terrence Malick has submitted Knight Of Cups (the one starring Christian Bale that was shot in Hollywood) for selection to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. If true, the film will be there that’s for sure. That wouldn’t necessarily mean another Natalie appearance at the famous festival but given she has her own film in the works I’m sure that would be an extra incentive to make the trip.

Either way, would just love to read some reviews and see some promotional material for the film, so my fingers are tightly crossed. We’ll find out in a couple weeks.

Thanks to A.


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We haven’t done one of these in awhile and since I’m so enamoured with the Dior Magazine shoot, I now turn it over to you guys to pick your favourite. To spice it up we’re using the old battle format where the winning photo moves on.

We start with…





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Not much going on right now but We Day is on the way and you’d think Jane Got A Gun promo will begin at some point in the near future. Quite a bare set of tidbits for you guys today but I’ll post a special pic battle poll later on to try and make up for it.

– The Cannes Film Festival is just around the corner and The Playlist is predicting the films that could make an appearance. The two Terrence Malick films get a mention under “longshot”.

Many are hoping that Terence Malick’s “Knight Of Cups” (or its untitled companion piece) and Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” will be viable, but that mostly seems like wishful thinking: who knows when the Malick picture(s) will be ready, or if he’ll be back at Cannes…

While Jane Got A Gun is considered more likely as they say it “might turn up” and is listed in the “Also Possible” section.

– Our Facebook page has cracked 13k likes. This year, despite the light Natalie news, the FB likes have continued to roll in at an incredible pace. An early Portmania miracle perhaps.

– Finally, in case you missed the memo, MrsKiraSayers is updating our Tumblr page. In the coming days she’ll start dipping deep into the Natalie photo archives to bring your attention to some photographical gems from the past.


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More Marie Claire

We’ve updated the gallery with one more HQ outtake from Natalie’s editorial for the November 2013 issue of Marie Claire. Thanks to eden Liao as always.


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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with some UHQ and text-free versions of photos from Natalie’s editorial for the fifth issue of Dior Magazine. Thanks to Kitten (via HQ Utopia).


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High Rez Star Wars

Here is the other HUGE Star Wars photo. I far prefer this one. Much better lighting…no Hayden.


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Huge Star Wars Photo

Kitten has found a couple Star Wars photos, the first of which we have for you below. Okay, fine, the lighting is amateurish and the photo forces us to think of Hayden Christensen for the first time in a decade, but can’t beat Natalie in that Padme outfit. Oh, and the resolution of the photo is a neck straining 5345×6728.



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Pretty quiet in Natalie land again but here are a few mini news items to tide us over.

– Starting with confirmation that Natalie will be attending We Day on March 26th. What is We Day? Click here to see Natalie introducing the event.

– Awards Daily also thinks Jane Got A Gun has an outside shot at some Academy Awards love by naming it among the second tier in their early predictions for next year.

– Finally, I’m not sure where this is but a more awesome piece of graffiti you’ll struggle to find. Here’s a closer view.


Thanks to Belerofonte and Mayi.


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