New Drawings

It’s been awhile but we’ve finally had some cool drawing submissions from newcomer, Anya. Hope you guys enjoy and remember, we need all kinds of Portmania and birthday fanart for next week.


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We are more than overdue for a new poll and the obvious choice is Natalie’s look for the premiere of Benjamin’s LA Dance Project in Paris. Dressed up appearance have been rare of late so let’s see if you guys think this is special because it’s rare or would it be good enough to have stood out at any time of her career.

As for the Jane Got A Gun villain poll, wow, Ewan killed it. Lotta Star Wars fans out there still 😛

Personally, I voted for Edgerton, who came dead last.



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Get the Look

Earlier this month, Natalie was spotted out and about with Aleph, wearing an Ellison sweater by Theonne (safe to say it’s probably a favorite brand). If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, get it now while it’s on sale. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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Thor Rumours

Comicbookmovies is reporting a rumour, and I stress the word RUMOUR, that Thor 2’s composer, Carter Burwell, had left the production. Apparently he had Thor 2 listed on his website but removed all mention of the film, and then a forum poster with a good reputation confirmed that he was off.

Another composer called Christopher Willis (X-Men First Class) tweeted that he is now working on the film but WITH Burwell.

All of this is interesting but, hell, it’s composers. There aren’t many of us who care too much one way or the other. However, check out the second sentence from the forum poster mentioned above…

FYI, I checked with a REALLY WELL INFORMED SOURCE and it was confirmed. Carter is off the film. It also appears so is the director who seems to have been asked to take a long vacation until AFTER the film opens.

Surely not 😀

Thanks to Maribel for the find.


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Let’s kick off the week with a new batch of mini updates. These are truly mini

– Natalie was spotted at Caroussel du Louvre in Paris a week ago.

– She also visited the synagogue in Paris, no doubt in preparation for their move in 2014.

– The official Thor 2 site is now online, but there’s not a lot of content at the moment. Still, might be worth bookmarking.

– Speaking of which, Rachel found some feature scans from Empire Magazine on the film. They include a write up and some new images, but unfortunately no Natalie.

Thanks to Keith, Ming Choo and Belerofonte.


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We are rapidly approaching Natalie’s 32nd birthday and the 15th Portmania celebration, which is a week(ish) long(ish) tribute to Natalie. Sanjiro will hopefully be back, if the cryogenic de-freeze goes well, but what I want to ask is for YOU GUYS (and girls…actually mostly girls) to get creative and send in fanart for the occasion.

Don’t let Natalie down. She lives for this shit!


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We Missed Dior

It’s been awhile since we were in full blown Miss Dior mode, but Eden has found a few new goodies to add to the extensive collection. My favourite shot is below but click it and you’ll go to Style Korea, which has some other new shots as well as interview excerpts…although it’s Korean and google translate struggles with Korean to English.



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Jane Got A Deal

Some good news for Jane Got A Gun – a sentence that I really wish I could have used more over the past couple months. The production looks to be landing a distribution deal with Relativity and marketing handled by probably the best guys you’d want pushing your film, The Weinstein Company.

Deadline’s report includes interview quotes with Natalie’s husband in the film, Noah Emmerich. Below is just a portion of what he had to say.

“Inside the bubble of production, I feel like it’s going well. It’s a great cast, good script and beautiful story, and Gavin and Anthony made the script significantly better. Inside the bubble, it feels like we’re just making a great Gavin O’Connor movie. Outside, there’s all this chaos and people are talking, and the cast is changing and there is a high wire act to keep it together. For us, from action to cut it feels not only normal, but really special.”

Thanks to AMSSERME and Jess.


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More Ballet

Rachel is having some internet problems so, unfortunately for you guys, I’ll be keeping the image gallery updated until she’s back online. Today I’ve added some new snaps from the Paris ballet night. The image below was found by Garcy and the full version shows off Natalie’s dress perfectly. The other photos was actually taken by long time friend of the site, Herzwerk, who was in attendance.



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Paris Video

Fanatical found a video report about Benjamin’s big opening night in Paris. He is interviewed, with a translation, but the main draw are a few shots of Natalie in the audience.


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Dance Project

Last night Natalie was in attendance as Benjamin’s LA Dance Project performed in Paris. We just have two photos so far (click the thumb below to go to the gallery) but I’m sure we’ll have more later.

Thanks to Kitten and Fanatical.



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Past Blast

There are new-old Natalie photos and then there are new-OLDDD Natalie photos. This is the latter. In fact, the new shots we have are, we think, from one of her very first professional shoots. Click one of the thumbs to check out the gallery.

Thanks to Kitten.

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I’ve got some time so here comes a bumper edition of mini news items.

– As you may have noticed, Natalie didn’t make an appearance at Cannes. I heard from a journo friend in Cannes who confirmed that she was definitely due to appear on the weekend, but the weather has been awful so either the appearance wasn’t that important and she bailed because of that, or she was able to make an appearance without being spotted.

– According to this, Natalie was one of the actresses who auditioned for the role of Daisy in The Great Gatsby. The role went to Natalie’s Brothers co-star, Carey Mulligan.

– Bradley Cooper has spoken about his brief stint as the villain in Jane Got A Gun. He says that he really wished he could have made it work and that was probably why he was so rash in accepting the part before realizing that the schedule just wouldn’t work out. He also says that in Ewan they definitely have the right guy for the role.

– Speaking of Ewan, he’s now sporting a jet black mustache for the film and I can’t even recognize him.

– Finally, Natalie’s dad, a fertility specialist, has spoken out about Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy in order to lower her risk of developing cancer.

Thanks to Frank and Kitten.


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Steel Swan

Black Swan fans might want to take note that Zavi in the UK is releasing a Steel Book version of the blu-ray. Might be worth it for collectors as they are only printing 4000 copies. Hit the thumb to get more info.

Thanks to Kitten for the find.



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Get the Look

Back in April, Natalie attended the 30th Annual Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, NM, where she was wearing Theonne’s Clementine Contrast Sweater. If you covet it, get it now while it’s on sale. Thanks to Kitten for the find!


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Cannes Do?

Hold your collective thumbs that this tweet, found by Kitten, is true…


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Why Is Natalie In Paris?

We know that the family intends to live in France, but Natalie’s visit now is just that – a visit. Benjamin, however, has been in France for almost a week and will be staying there as his new ballet, Théâtre du Châtelet, opens next week.

Hopefully there will also be a Cannes appearance, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

The permanent family move will occur in the spring of 2014. Thanks to Herzwerk.


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Natalie In Paris

There were rumours that Natalie would be appearing in Cannes…not sure if that’s true but she is now in Paris, where the whole family will soon be moving permanently. The Daily Mail has some cute shots of Natalie giving Aleph a ride on the carousel. Super cute. And not to worry, Aleph’s face is blurred out.

Thanks to Keith.



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Time for a little house cleaning in the way of some mini news items. Dig in.

– Jane Got A Gun has had a rocky road and then some, so it’s not surprising to hear that buyers in Cannes are worried about investing in the project. Sounds scary but as long as the actual filmmaking is going well, they just need to bide their time until they can show the worldwide distributors what they have.

– Speaking of which, looks like Ewan will soon be in front of the cameras for the film.

– Finally, James Franco admits what we already know – Your Highness sucks.

Thanks to Maribel and Fanatical.


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The first official image from Knight Of Cups has arrived and it’s fantastic news for Natalie fans. As we all know, Terrence Malick is prone to cutting stars out of his films, so it’s surely positive that the first piece of publicity for the film features Natalie. Christian Bale is in the shot but he was always going to be the star of the film so that’s no surprise.

Thanks to Jack.

"Knight of Cups"


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