Natalie Exits Macbeth

ARGH! Bad news via Deadline that Natalie has pulled out of Macbeth and has been replaced by Marion Cotillard.

Theory #1 – Natalie dropped out because A Tale Of Love And Darkness was conflicting.
Theory #2 – Natalie dropped out to payback Michael Fassbender for leaving Jane Got A Gun ;-P


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A short Thor: The Dark World preview video, a special feature from the upcoming Iron Man 3 Blu-ray release, has appeared online today. The video features some cast (including Natalie) and crew sound bites and behind-the-scenes footage. Be sure to watch it now before Disney yanks it! I’ve added some screen captures to the gallery.

Thanks to Belerofonte!


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Amazingly enough, yet more candid photos of Natalie from yesterday. In these she was snapped pumping gas and carrying Aleph, although his face is hidden. The big take away – a much better selection of shorts.

Thanks to Belerofonte. UPDATE – 10 HQ additions thanks to Sachse.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with 8 new MQ photos of Natalie attending the Thor: The Dark World press conference at the Anaheim Convention Center during Disney’s D23 Expo earlier this month.


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Echo Park

The candid gravy train rolls on as Natalie takes Whiz for a walk with a friend. Always great to see more Whiz but those shorts…what on earth…


Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Dior Ads Roundup

Thanks as always to Eden Liao, we have a bunch of HQ print ads and photos from Natalie’s latest Dior campaigns to add to the gallery. The first is a high-res version of the Black Swan-esque ad for the Miss Dior Le Parfum fragrance.


More from Rouge Dior after the jump. (more…)


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Venice Lunch

The candids keep coming, this time photographing Natalie and the family going to lunch in Venice. Aleph is only visible in a handful of the photos.

Thanks to Maribel and Belerofonte. UPDATE – 17 HQ additions, thanks to Mephisto.


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Natalie was spotted taking Whiz for a hike with a friend yesterday at Griffith Park in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood. There are 50+ HQ photos in the gallery for you to peruse, thanks to Lidia!


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Black Miss Dior

A couple new Miss Dior print ads have surfaced, and they’ve swapped out the pink for a dark but still very pretty look. Hit the thumb below to view the album. Thanks once again to Eden Liao.



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LA Candids

Natalie and Aleph were photographed heading out in LA yesterday and…there is really nothing else to say. Oh, except to warn that Aleph can be seen in a lot of the photos so use your discretion. Thanks to Kitten.



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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from the troubled Jane Got A Gun, which lost it’s director and had several high profile actor merry-go-rounds before finally settling down. Natalie has remained mum on the project…until now. Inquirer has the interview and it includes the extra dose of bad news that the film lost cinematographer Darius Khondji as well. But onto the more positive quotes…

The actress-producer dealt with the headline-making problems by putting them in this context: “People have really hard things in life, like losing loved ones. So, it was important to remember that they were just some problems at work. But, we made the film. We had a great time, and I am excited to see what comes out!”

On why she chose a western in her fifth foray into producing, Natalie explained: “It’s one genre that there haven’t been a lot of female protagonists in. It was such a great script, too.”

To prepare for the film, Natalie watched a lot of westerns. “It was fun getting to watch all the John Ford and Sam Peckinpah movies.”

The rest of the article has some quotes on A Tale Of Love And Darkness, Thor 2, moving to Paris and even Black Swan. Thanks to Belerofonte.

UPDATE – Forgot the link.


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Yesterday I started working on the Rumoured Projects page, which is in a really bad need of an update. I want to get it fully up to date over the coming days, but need your help not to forget any films that Natalie has been linked to. So if you have a good memory, fire off some reminders in the comments.

I’ll be doing the same for the Dropped Projects page so feel free to post reminders for that as well.



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Nice batch of mini news updates today so let’s hop to it…

– The Playlist has a list, inspired by Kick Ass 2, of the most memorable child killers. Mathilda gets a mention, which is both cool and curious. Curious because, unless my brain is failing me, I don’t recall Mathilda killing anyone. Even in the longer cut, which has Mathilda joining Leon on a job, she only fires a paintgun. The idea for the article are to find kids who could “murder the shit out of you”, but despite the training, when Mathilda tries to take that step, she proves that she is just a kid and not up to it at all.

– Good news for those of you who like seeing Natalie on the big screen but wish she could be just a little bit bigger. Thor: The Dark World will be releasing in IMAX 3D. Thanks to Maribel for the heads up.

– Finally, mainly for our French visitors, Garcy found a 7 minute video about Natalie and Benjamin. Presumably there’s nothing new in it, although if there is, please let us know in the comments section.


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We have a new set of photos from a photocall during last weekends D23 Disney Expo. Right now the sizes aren’t huge, and they are watermarked, but when Rachel returns from her much deserved holiday, hopefully she can upgrade them. Thanks to Kitten.

USA - Natalie Portman Photocall in Los Angeles


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It sounded like Natalie’s feature directorial debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, was about to film imminently, at least that’s what the first report out of Israel said. Well, the long gestation for this project isn’t quite over yet. I checked with my source and was just told that Natalie is hopefully aiming to shoot in 2014. It will not film before the end of the year as we all expected.

I also asked about whether the film will be in Hebrew or English and was told a final decision has still not been made, which isn’t surprising given that it’s not about to start lensing 😛

I wonder if this means Natalie won’t be working until Macbeth early next year. Or if a new project announcement is on the cards…


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Thor 3

I think it’s assumed by everyone that there will be a Thor 3 at some point, and when Anthony Hopkins expressed his desire to once more go to Odintown, Natalie made a comment that seems to confirm that a 3rd film is in the works.

“Yeah, well I think they are going to make a ‘Thor 3’, so I think Anthony will be pleased.”

Hopping back to the present, the Thor 2 clips from D23 have landed online. Natalie is in all of them but the quality is not great so you might be better served to wait. If patience isn’t one of your virtues, by all means click here.

Thanks to Lightscamerareaction and Kitten.


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More D23 Videos

Yup, we’ve got a couple more interview video’s from behind the scenes of D23. Not exactly deep stuff – in fact they are live drive through interviews – but we’ll take what we can get, right? Thanks to Garcy.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


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We’ll have more of Natalie talking about Thor 2 later in the day, but perhaps of more interest was her speaking about her upcoming feature directorial debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness. It includes confirmation that the film will shoot in Jerusalem, although we’re still not certain when, and a reveal that Natalie will be playing the mother of Amos Oz (the author of the biography that Natalie is adapting).

Read the full article here, but below is a little teaser excerpt. Thanks to Blondie.

Hence she was relieved when the author told her to make it her own piece of art. “It was really freeing, because obviously what he wrote inspired me in some way, and he was like ‘express that,’” smiles Portman, who promises that the film will be a completely different experience.


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D23 Round Up

A good quality video of highlights from the Disney-Marvel presentation at D23 is now online. You can skip the first minute, after which the Marvel stuff starts and Tom Hiddleston is introduced and then brings out Natalie. Thanks to Belerofonte.

During the presentation they showed some scenes from Thor 2, which can you read about over at Collider.

Finally, best of all, here is a backstage interview with Natalie in which she talks about Thor, family and Terrence Malick.


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Natalie at D23 Expo

Natalie made a surprise (at least to us) appearance today at Disney’s Thor: The Dark World panel, where she was joined by Marvel’s Kevin Feige and costars Sir Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston, at the 2013 D23 Expo at Disneyland in Anaheim. Hopefully we’ll have a news roundup a little later. We already have quite a few new photos from the event, courtesy of JustJared, Eden Liao and the rest of the Tumblr community. Thanks to Belerofonte!


UPDATE – 13 UHQ photos from the photo call have been added, thanks to Mephisto!


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