Fassy and Nat in HQ

Stefan found a higher quality version of Natalie’s appearance on TV during a football game, which served as the backdrop for the STILL(!!!) untitled Terrence Malick film. Natalie looked absolutely smoking (peruse the gallery here) so it’s well worth a second viewing.


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The Cooper Poll

Well Bradley Cooper is now on board and with the cast set (I mentioned in the comments the husband role has been cast, just not announced yet) hopefully it can now stay that way. The poll is quite simple, are you stoked about Cooper joining or is this another reason to doubt the project?

The last poll was short lived but here are the results anyway. Jeff Bridges would have probably been my last choice but there you go 😛



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Over on Deadline, which broke the Bradley Cooper news, there are commenters, claiming to be in the know, who are saying that Natalie has not been on set of Jane Got A Gun either and the production is still problematic.

It sounded unlikely to me but given the craziness that has already befallen he production I thought I better check in with my source.

So here is the lowdown. They are done with 2 weeks of production. They now have Bradley Cooper on board. Natalie HAS been on set. Natalie has been in front of the camera. What did happen is that Natalie got sick and missed 3 days, so maybe the rumours stem from someone on the production who sees Natalie is scheduled to be on set but she isn’t…so 2 + 2 = 5

Hopefully Natalie is feeling better and the production continues without any further setbacks.


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Doh. Should have waited a couple more hours with that poll. The villain role, previously held by Joel Edgerton and Jude Law, is now in Bradley Cooper’s hands. The producers must be over the moon as Cooper is a much bigger draw right now, hot on the heels of his Oscar nomination.

Personally, if this was a few months ago I would be dismayed. I wasn’t a fan of his at all, but Silver Linings Playbook turned me around a bit and the impressive Place Beyond The Pines trailer tells me “Bradley Cooper has never been better” 😛

Seeing the darker side in Silver Linings I think he might actually be better suited to the black cowboy hat. What do you guys think?


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New Poll + JGAG Results

It’s high time for a new poll. I was kicking my heels, waiting to do a new poll, as I was expecting a replacement for Jude Law to be announced…well I can’t wait any more so I want to know from you guys, which of the names, linked to the role of the villain in Jane Got A Gun, are you most hopeful about?

As for the last Jane poll, a majority of you guys are now at least a little concerned about how this film shapes up.



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Blast From the Past

Big thanks to Kitten for discovering this new-oldie of Natalie taken during a family trip to Israel in 1995.

P.S. I’m aware the gallery is currently down. I’ve mailed Kris already, so hang tight. (Update – Fixed!)


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More Phase 2

Yesterday’s Marvel Phase 2 preview vid ended quite abruptly, and this is because there was a longer version. Well the longer version is online…errr…I just checked and replace “is” with “was”. It seems the video has been pulled, although no doubt someone else will make a copy available online. Check the comments to this update later and be quick!

In other news, there are plenty of new Thor 2 photos over at The Playlist. No Natalie but might be worth a look.

Kitten also found a clearer version (source:hawklerly.tumblr) of the animated gif that has been going around.



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ComicBookMovie.com has posted a gif set and screen captures of new behind-the-scenes footage from Thor: The Dark World, found on the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One collector’s set. Natalie’s Jane Foster makes a brief appearance in Asgardian garb. A big thanks to Kitten for the heads up.



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Phase 2

Courtesy of the Marvel phase 1 boxset, a little preview of phase 2 has hit the net. Phase 1 is what Marvel refers to as their films that started with Iron Man and ended with The Avengers. Phase 2 kicks off with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 later in the year. No Natalie sightings but we’re just days away from getting the first glimpse of Thor 2, so let’s stoke the fires a bit.


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Fresh off another Charlie Award victory, Celina is back with a new calendar wallpaper. As always, we have 3 resolutions to choose from.




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Well I’m back. Sorta. I’ve managed to borrow an old laptop to tide me over until insurance can be worked out. I see I haven’t missed too much in Natland, but I have a few mini news updates worth of your attention.

– Starting with this great tweet by the writer of Jane Got A Gun.

– Next up, Ryan Gosling talks about Terrence Malick in this new article. He says that the Untitled Malick film didn’t have a script and that every day was “unlike anything”.

– Finally, it seems Chris O’Dowd is in Thor 2 afterall. There was a rumour months ago, based on a couple tweets, but when I asked my source if he was part of the cast I got a negative in response. I don’t know whether his appearance was not planned (apparently it is just a cameo) but we got that one wrong, sorry.


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Charlie Awards: Results

The results for the 4th Annual Charlie Awards are finally here. Thanks to everyone who voted this year! Since Dazza can’t be with us at the moment, you’ll all have to bear with me.

Here are the winners…


This one was close. The B&W Christian Dior editorial won by a single vote. The full-color beach photo and the other Dior editorial featured on the cover of Elle Paris both tied in second place.



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Miss Dior in HQ

We’ve finally gotten our hands on the HQ versions of the promotional photo shoot for Natalie’s latest Miss Dior fragrance campaign. Big thanks to Kitten and A.E.!


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While I slept soundly on Monday night, some people broke into my place and carried away almost everything of monetary and personal worth that I owned. My phone, which was with me, is about all I have left.

Obviously not only is it hard to work on the site with just my phone, but I’m having to deal with super fun things like waiting for the police to finally come around and take fingerprints.

So poor Rachel is having to fill in. Please be patient as she is also busy… In fact if there are any long timers who always fancied doing updates, drop me a line. But it really has to be someone that I know quite well.

Hopefully I’ll be back on my digital feet sooner rather than later.


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Some More Dior

I’ve updated the gallery with one more new behind-the-scenes photo of Natalie on the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior.


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Theory #15

Since Lynne Ramsay left Jane Got A Gun we’ve heard many possible reasons for her exit. From over controlling producers to directors cut arguments to struggling to meet deadlines to falling out with her star. Well it was only a matter of time before Natalie got dragged into it. Previously we had heard that Natalie might not have even known about the conflict between Ramsay and producer Scott Steindorff, which seemed dubious, and now The Observer is reporting hearing that Natalie and Ramsay also had a falling out. I think that’s more likely given that Natalie is a producer, and that we haven’t heard anything from Natalie’s camp, but at this point we’re all clutching at straws. Let’s just hope we get a good film out of this mess.

The short piece is well worth a read and I thought the final paragraph was interesting.

“She’d been in control all the way, but the last week of pre-production became a series of calamities for a film-maker as precise and visionary as Lynne. It’s a shame to think Hollywood can’t accommodate a talent like hers, but maybe she was naive to think it wouldn’t be a rough ride.”

That strikes me as probably being close to the truth. A talented artist who just doesn’t have the experience in the Hollywood system to navigate those compromises that are unfortunately a necessity. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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New Poll + Old Results

With things changing every day I was waiting for Jane Got A Gun to holster her weapon before setting up a poll to see how you guys feel about all the off screen drama. The ship appears to have steadied so here’s a nice broad question for all the Natalie fans out there…

The last poll was about Jude Law replacing Michael Fassbender…which of course is very out of date as we’re now waiting to see who is replacing Jude. In any case, those results are after the jump.



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Here is the final category in our annual Charlie Awards for the 2012 year in Natalieland. Sorry for the delay, my service provider is having issues. Not even sure this will go through so here’s hoping…

The final category is simple, just rate the 2012 year out of 5.

2012 Rating

Total Voters: 182

Loading ... Loading ...


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Even more Dior

I’ve updated the gallery with two more new behind-the-scenes photos of Natalie on the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior. Thanks to Kitten and eden Liao.


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More Insight

The Hollywood Reporter has a nicely detailed account of what went down behind the scenes of Jane Got A Gun. Problem is sources are still giving separate stories, but I presume one of them is correct…or maybe the truth is somewhere in between.

Looking at the direct Natalie mentions, they say that Natalie was unaware of what was going down and that they began looking for a replacement director before she found out along with everyone else on Monday. Natalie is of course a producer herself, so it would be strange of them to risk upsetting their star by keeping it a secret.

The other interesting mention is that after Fassbender left, producer Scott Steindorff presented Natalie and Ramsay with a list of 10 actors that he considered bankable enough to replace Fassy. Problem was Steindorff, Ramsay and Natalie could not reach a decision that they were all happy with and it was then that they decided to shift Joel Edgerton from villain to hero.

Read the full story here. Thanks to Kitten and Arrow.


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