The new Thor trailer arrived this week and I’m curious to see what Natalie’s fans think of it. Is this the epic adventure you’ve been waiting for or is superhero fatigue in full effect.

As for the Thor poster, the results were in line with my own feelings. It’s too busy, it’s something we’ve seen a million times by now, but it’s still pretty cool.



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More Rouge Dior

Eden comes through again, finding two great new photos from Natalie’s latest Dior Rouge campaign. One is a full-length, color version of an earlier photo from the shoot and the other is brand new.


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A big thanks to Eden Liao for once again being on the ball when it comes to Dior news. She has a screen shot from the upcoming Rouge Dior commercial, which was shown at a press conference in Taiwan yesterday. Shouldn’t be too long before this surfaces…



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Dior Rouge Print Ads

Eden has found two new print ads for Natalie’s new Rouge Dior campaign. They come in two flavors: with the Dior logo and text-free. Thanks to Kitten.



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Thor Trailer Here

The Thor trailer has arrived and, as expected, reveals a lot more than the teaser. In fact you might want to give it a miss entirely if you want a completely fresh experience.

The trailer is both epic and overly familiar, but it’s nice to see Natalie on film again.


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Nice to have some new fanart from Anya. If you are similarly talented with the pencil/pen/quilt then be sure to send in your Natalie work.



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Before I fall asleep at the keyboard, I have a new batch of mini news items. Don’t know about you guys but I am more than ready for that Thor promotional push. It’s been too damn long.

The Telegraph has a new interview with Benjamin and, when asked about his new family, dropped a couple really sweet quotes. Thanks to Belerofonte.

“My wife has a down-to-earth relationship with her fame. She’s very normal, abnormal only because she is so extraordinary in the way she deals with everything. It was the best way for me, to have someone to accompany me on that journey. I don’t feel any different than I did before. I had a period of adjustment that had to do with the exposure, but I learnt to deal with it.”

“There was no ‘hesitance’ on Portman’s part, he says, when he was offered the Paris Opera Ballet directorship. ‘She’s always loved Paris. It’s one of the cities she knew she could live in. We love Europe and we’re happy to have this opportunity to live there and for our son to grow up in that environment.”

– Next up we have the Jane Foster action figure from Comic Con. Although it kinda looks like Sandra Bullock… Thanks to Angelina for the find.

– Nope, still going on about this band 😛


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Before we get to a new batch of mini updates, Fanatical pointed out that today is the one year anniversary of Natalie and Ben’s wedding day. At least the one that happened stateside – there are still those who think they tied the knot earlier when in France.

– Yesterday’s new poll was about the just release Thor poster. If you’re on the fence why not view this HQ version of the poster to help make up your mind.

– There is a new Natalie vs Keira Knightley battle poll. You are welcome to vote but something tells me the result won’t end the argument and there will be another of these coming down the pipe sooner or later.

– This French article about two hair designers, who travelled to Tokyo with Natalie, indicates that there may be some new Dior photos on the way.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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New poll time and the obvious choice, given the opinions being flung about, was whether the new Thor poster was a winner or a loser.

As for the last poll, can’t say I’m surprised at the outcome. Personally I’d be thrilled to see Natalie acting in another language. Now it’s possible she already did so in Free Zone but I underwent an operation to remove all memories of that film so I can’t really say.



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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with nine new-old photos of Natalie attending the 2010 BAFTA in New York Black Swan screening and Q&A with Mila Kunis, director Darren Aronofsky, producer Scott Franklin and writer Mark Heyman. Thanks to Kitten for the find!


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Thor Poster

The new poster for Thor: The Dark World is here and it’s incredibly generic and predictable and overly busy. Yet I kind of like it. The prominent usage of Natalie is probably influencing me. What do you guys think?

Thanks to Belerofonte and Shantelle.



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Natalie was spotted taking Aleph to a local recreation center in Los Angeles earlier this week. Please note that Aleph is visible in a few of the photos. Thanks to Kitten (via I’m Not Obsessed).


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Time for a few mini news items leading up to Rachel hopefully posting some new candids later…

– Celebrity-Gossip are reporting that Thor The Dark World is set to undergo reshoots and suggest this might mean a release date change. While the former is possible (although odd for it to take this long for them to arrange it) the latter seems quite unlikely.

– Forbes have released their new list of the highest paid actresses, and Natalie squeezes into the top 10 at number 7, with her Black Swan buddy, Mila Kunis, right behind her.

– And finally, can’t say whether this is true or not but…

Thanks to Kitten and Nikiya.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with three HQ new-oldies from the Dior celebration of its 57th Street Boutique in NYC in 2010. If you want to get all up in Natalie’s pores, there are even higher quality versions (much too large for the gallery) at GQ Taiwan.



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Hallelujah! We finally have a new wallpaper contributor to lighten the load on Ana, Celina and Rachel. As a bonus, he’s scary good at what he does. So a big thanks to Kris, and if you’re interested in more of his work, head over here. This is my new wallpaper as soon as I’m done with this update. The thumbnailed version below is 1920×1080.




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Celina Wins

Saturday was the big Star Wars Celebration in Germany and among the cool cosplay denizens was our own Celina. She made the outfit herself and I think you’ll agree with me that she absolutely rocked it. I’m sure Natalie would be proud – I know I am.



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JayZ and JT

Natalie and Benjamin headed to the Rose Bowl yesterday for a JayZ and Justin Timberlake concert. As always, they look the adorable happy couple. I wonder if those who thought this relationship would never last are starting to have some doubts.

Thanks to Maribel, Toto20 and Belerofonte.



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Turn To The Left

Cherryvanilla found this behind the scenes video from Diorshow, and while a lot of the footage has been seen before, it looks as though there’s some new stuff included. The footage is so great that even if it’s not the case, it’s definitely worth another spin. Enjoy.


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Not gonna lie, I was really disheartened when hearing that Natalie wouldn’t be able to work with David Fincher on Gone Girl…but the (still uncomfirmed but looking likely) news, that Natalie would finally direct her first feature film, was just the tonic. A poster on the forum said that he hoped the film was going to be in English and not, as has been suggested, in Hebrew. I thought that would be a great poll option so…

Seems I’m not the only one upset that the Fincher film isn’t happening, if the results of our last poll are anything to go by.



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Apologies, haven’t had a moment to breathe this week but now I have a little time to catch up. Let’s get to a new batch of mini updates.

– Which primarily consist of Twitter sightings…

Thanks to Ming Choo!

– From Twitter to Facebook where Lightscamerareaction spotted an announcement that the Thor: The Dark World trailer will premiere on August 7th, during geek week.


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