Are you ready for the top 5? If you don’t know what’s going on, catch up with part 1 over here.




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New Drawing

The second part of If Only She Was In will be up tomorrow, until then, here is another drawing from Angelina to tide us over.



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For the sake of Natalie news, I can’t wait for January to start already.

– An end of year tradition is the annual TC Candler 100 Most Beautiful Faces list. Natalie always does well and won it in 2008, but this year she only managed 33rd place. Always enjoy their list because the choices tend to be more interesting/inspired. For the first time they are presenting the list in video format.

– Thor: The Dark World passed the $200 million domestic mark a few days ago. It’s at the end of its run now but at almost $630 million worldwide, which is a nice bump from the $450 million the first film made but still a long ways off what Iron Man can do.

– Finally, a little shout out to Christophe, who you may remember translated my Mathilda script to comic form. He has a new comic book out, which you can learn about over on the official Facebook page.


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Throwback Thursday

Back in 2007, Natalie posed for some portraits promoting FINCA International for the Financial Times. The photographer, Pascal Perich, has posted two outtakes from the session on his Tumblr. Hit the preview to view the HQ version.



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Those of you who have been around long enough will remember this indulgent little feature I used to do where I’d pick my personal list of 10 films (from the previous year or so) that I wish Natalie had been in. The reasons would be different for each choice but the unifying idea was my ability and desire to imagine Natalie in the film in place of someone else. Things got busy and I haven’t done it for awhile, but I have some time now so let’s have another go at it.

Today is 6-10 and part 2 will be in a few days. This is covering probably the last 2 years of films, and I’ll maybe do another shorter list of 5 around Oscar time to cover all the great new films that I haven’t seen yet.




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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and (or) happy holidays to all the Natalie fans out there. I wish this month had been chock full of great content, but 2014 should prove to be a busy one.

A big thanks to Ana for these cute Christmas themed wallpapers.

Christmas (1)th



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Marie Claire Style

Natalie’s latest Frederic Auerbach photo shoot for Dior is being featured in an issue of Japan’s Marie Claire Style magazine. Hit the jump for for a text-free version of the cover photo and another new photo from the spread. Thanks to eden Liao!




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Self Serving

Since Natalie news is thin on the ground (but we’ve got a few treats for the next couple days…) I thought I’d share some personal work with you guys. Here are some videos that I worked on this year. Mostly very low budget. Absolutely nothing to do with Natalie.



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Swan Drawing

I really love this Nina drawing from new contributor, Matt. Hope this isn’t the last work we see from him.



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The new poll is based on Rachel’s last update, featuring a natural photo of Natalie and the cleaned up image used for the ad campaign. So look at both, be honest and vote below.

As for the big Mathilda or Nina poll, it was close for awhile but Natalie’s first might still hold that same position in the hearts of Natalie fans.



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Throwback Thursday

Back in the early 2000s, Natalie did some modeling work for Kamiseta, a Filipino clothing company. Kitten found a new-old photo from Natalie’s last campaign that comes in two flavors: the original photo and the heavily retouched version that was used in the ads.


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Today we have another drawing from Angelina and this is one of my favourite submissions from her. Great job.



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Rachel Reviews Thor 2

You know the state of Natalie news is dire when Dazza asks one of his minions to post the unfocused forum mini-review she wrote on her lunch break on the main page. πŸ˜› If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry about spoilers. It’s been almost two months since Thor: The Dark World was released in theaters, so that should probably give you an idea of how excited I was to go see it. Brace yourself for my enthusiasm.

I went in with fairly low expectations, and I hate to say I was still kind of unimpressed. The story was half-baked, the action scenes were generic and unremarkable, the camp was over the top, and the whole thing felt overly long despite the frentic pace. Belerofonte nailed what I was scratching my head over in his review: one of Thor: The Dark World‘s biggest problems is that it feels like a condensed version of a grander tale. The film also struggled to find a good balance between being silly and serious (the first Thor movie did this much more successfully). One of my big gripes with Thor is reversed in its sequel. This time, everything set on Earth really worked for me, but Asgard fell flat. I found myself losing interest when Thor and Loki weren’t onscreen, which was entirely too often. Mads Mikkelsen really dodged a bullet, because the villain was lame, lame, lame. And the lukewarm romance between Thor and Jane was still pretty lame, too. Maybe the romance would have worked if Natalie and Chris Hemsworth had any onscreen chemistry (they don’t), but I’m betting it would have still felt really awkward and forced. Unlike the other Marvel movies, there are too many characters on the canvas and just not enough time to focus on all of them. Characterization was either an afterthought or left on the cutting room floor. This is a superhero movie after all.



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The new poll is as simple as it get’s. Inspired by the Filmspotting death match polls, where they pit two seemingly even choices. So…

Speaking of death polls, the silly previous poll shows…I don’t know what it shows but it was fun to put together and got quite a few of you voting so job done.



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Still waiting/hoping for some holiday/Christmas fanart to post on the 25th. If not I’ll see if I can dig out a photo of a lump of coal πŸ˜‰

Angelina has sent in some new Natalie drawings, the first of which is just a click away.



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Nude Weekend Cancelled

Whoops. Just realized that despite my half assed search last night, I think Rachel has posted the DiorSkin Nude shots. Don’t know how I missed that. In any case, the gallery is here if you, like me, can’t remember.

So what I was going to post tomorrow is now going to be used today – a behind the scenes video of the shoot.

UPDATE – No embed playing allowed so you’ll have to click through.

UPDATE 2 – Annnd apparently Kitten posted this while I was on holiday. I guess the barrel is officially empty πŸ˜›


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Nude Weekend

Since news is slim pickings right now, I have some DiorSkin Nude content but instead of one glorious update, I’m going to drag it out for 3 updates over the course of the weekend πŸ˜›

This does have the benefit of letting each item have it’s moment in the spotlight and, I think you’ll agree, the outtake photo below, which was never used commercially, is more than worthy of all the spotlights in the world. Thanks to Kitten.



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With Christmas coming up it would be cool to have a couple pieces of Natalie fanart…even if it isn’t her holiday. Christmas, Hannukah, Happy Holidays…makes no difference to me. Send them in and I’ll feature them on Christmas Day.

Speaking of fanart, thanks to Vitalii for this sketch of a young Natalie. In fact it’s from the set of photos that were used in the very first magazine that I bought with Natalie on the cover. The magazine that went a long way to making me a fan.



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Eden found a new photo from the Miss Dior commercial and BA-BAM.



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Natalie’s directorial debut draws ever nearer, and it looks like she’ll have an experienced hand to help her bring her vision to life. Polish cinematographer and DOP (primarily, he has also directed), Slawomir Idziak (Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix, Black Hawk Down), has signed up as the cinematographer for A Tale Of Love And Darkness. The Oscar nominated Idziak talks about his decision over here.

My Polish friend, Aleksandra, read it over and said that he talks about his excitement for the film. Saying how he doesn’t work much anymore but the project and the subject matter – that being the Amos Oz memoir – inspired him. He wants to give the film an extraordinary visual look and intends to be an “angel” on set, being very warm and kind to help the actors feel at ease.

Given Natalie’s comments in the past, I think the people who work on her films would have to follow that path. Or look elsewhere.

Here’s hoping a happy set and a fantastic film are the result.

Thanks to Nikiya and Belerofonte.


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