SAG Awards Red Carpet Videos

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Well… as predicted by all the pools in recent weeks, Natalie didn’t win the SAG award for best actress (it was Emma Stone who prevailed in the category at the end). Anyway, the ceremony leaves us images and videos of a splendid Natalie on the red carpet. Here are a few of them:

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Natalie wins at the Critics’ Choice Awards

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Natalie has won the Best Actress Award at the Critics’ Choice for her portrayal of Jackie in Pablo Larrain’s film tonight. The movie also won two other awards: best costumes and makeup. Here we have a few photos from the gala, and a video where she is totally emotional with her family:


IFP Gotham Awards

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New photos are starting to pour in of Natalie’s arrival at IFP’s 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York City this evening. JustJared has some candid photos of her leaving her hotel earlier today. Click on the preview below to see her red carpet appearance in the gallery.

Gotham Awards

You can watch a live stream of the award show here.

Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

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And more prizes tonight. Natalie handed an award to Darren Aronofsky for his work as producer of Jackie at the “Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards”. These prizes, sponsored by Hamilton watches, highlights special behind-the-scenes artists for their individual impact on the film industry. Zimbio has a few pictures of Natalie at the event:


Natalie honored at Hollywood Film Awards

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Natalie will be honored at Hollywood Film Awards with the “Actress Award” for her role in Jackie. These prices are not exactly a benchmark in the awards season, but represent another small step in the Oscar race.

Ceremony will be on November 6 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and it will be hosted by James Corden.


Black And White

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This photo of Natalie and Meryl Streep, from the 2009 Oscars, is fantastic. It really captures a moment…or seems to, for all we know Meryl could be whispering an admission of flatulence. Thanks to Kitten for the find.


Casting From The Heart

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It’s strange to think that there was a time when Natalie was struggling to get any work. After Star Wars Episode 2 landed, she spoke about how everyone thought she was a bad actress and even getting directors to meet with her was proving difficult. Natalie talks about Cold Mountain as the turning point and it was Mike Nichols (who had directed Natalie in The Seagull) who wrote to Anthony Minghella and basically vouched for Natalie’s ability.

It was a great performance and her career was back on track, cemented by Garden State and then her Golden Globe winning turn in Closer, which Mike Nichols directed himself. During her acceptance speech she sweetly and awkwardly expressed how much Mike meant to her.

That’s a long intro but the setup is for a new piece by The Hollywood Reporter about Mike Nichols. It has some new quotes from Natalie and about Natalie, and you can read them after the jump.

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Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with 7 new photos and 6 HQ replacements of Natalie arriving to and presenting at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

Dignity And Embarrassment

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We’ve got two contrasting articles from the Academy Awards, showing off two sides of Natalie.

The first is an account of Natalie’s presenting and another story from the after party. I suggest you head here and scroll down to the Natalie photo to read the entire thing, but here is a taste.

Dujardin had to eventually dash off the stage as the curtain closed upon him. He bumped heavily into the diminutive Portman in the process and made her lose her balance, before saving the day by catching her in typically charismatic style.

Just when I thought he couldn’t get any more annoying…

More positively, here is a Huffington Post piece about Natalie’s Oscar gown. The writer possibly goes a little over the top, but it’s a fun read and very complimentary. Below is an excerpt.

I admire a woman, like Portman, who can so bravely stand equal to her clothes. We need more examples like Portman’s in fashion because too often women fall into the trap of thinking fashion is meant to enhance what we don’t feel confident about.

Knot Tying

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The gossip media have jumped onto Natalie and Benjamin seemingly wearing wedding bands at the Oscars. I think we were the first to point it out, and we were definitely the first to notice Natalie’s altered ring at the Golden Globes.

US Weekly seemingly got confirmation from the jeweler who made the rings, although the quote they include doesn’t really confirm that they are actually married.

“I designed the rings worn by Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman,” Wolf tells Us. “They were made with recycled platinum and conflict free diamonds.”

Natalie’s reps are still refusing to comment so, while it’s very likely, I guess we can’t call it “official” yet.

Natalie arrives at the Oscars

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Natalie has arrived at the 84th Annual Academy Awards and is walking the red carpet in vintage Dior haute couture with husband(!) Benjamin Millepied. Don’t forget to tune in tonight! The gallery is constantly being updated, so keep checking back for more!


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Inside Movies reports on Natalie’s dangerous stunt for tonight’s Oscar ceremony…that of walking across a stage in stilettos.

For her rehearsal, Portman kicked off her casual shoes and strapped on the intimidating, sparkling gold stilettos she’ll be wearing for the show.

Walking across the shiny black stage must have been like tiptoeing across an ice skating rink, but along with her lines, the Black Swan actress got in some practice walking. Before you can look glamorous, you have to be graceful.

We’ll be updating later with photos from the event, and if Natalie hits the red carpet, you can try spot her on Popsugar’s live red carpet feed.

Video streaming by Ustream

Natalie To Attend Oscars

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I think we were all pretty sure Natalie would attend given that she attended the Globes and SAG to present, as she would have to do at the Oscars, Best Actor. Then Natalie’s stylist confirmed that they were already picking out dresses for the ceremony.

So it was close to a given but things can change and it was a little worrying that she hadn’t been officially announced as a presenter.

Well, she has now.

The Oscars are this Sunday. The results are probably going to be depressing, so Natalie’s appearance might be one of the few highlights for me.

SAG Video

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For those who weren’t able to watch the show, below we have Natalie presenting Best Actor at last night’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. It’s by the numbers stuff but, man, she looks good.

Natalie presenting at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

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Natalie is presenting at the Screen Actors Guild Award tonight, so don’t forget to tune in if you aren’t already! She skipped the red carpet this evening (which is a shame, because she looks quite lovely), but posed for photos in the press room. New photos are forthcoming, so keep checking back at the gallery for more!

Globe Tidbits

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Probably the last couple news worthy items from last weekends Golden Globes.

– Toto made quite a cute find. It turns out that the babysitter was not called when Natalie and Benjamin attended the Golden Globes, because Aleph came with them. No, he wasn’t chilling in the ice bucket, he was “upstairs”.

Natalie Portman, last year’s best actress-drama winner for “Black Swan,” did not sit at her prime table in the pit the whole time because she was taking care of her 7-month-old son in a room upstairs. When Natalie, a presenter, did sit down, she was with her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, former New Yorker, now founder of the LA Dance Project.

– The clip below has the two moments that the camera focused on Natalie in the crowd, which may have been missed even if you did watch the show.

Nat And Rob

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Garcy found a red carpet arrival clip of Natalie and Rob Lowe. Rob slightly exaggerates how many Golden Globes Natalie has won and generally seems to flirt with her. Or maybe he’s being nice. Or maybe when you’re Rob Lowe there’s no real difference between the two.

Globe Vids

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If you missed Natalie’s appearance on the Golden Globes last night, fear not, we have Ricky Gervais’ introduction of Natalie as well as her presenting Best Actor to George Clooney. Poor Natalie gets a little lost on her way out onto the stage 😛