Marie Claire UK Magazine

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Marie Claire UK Magazine has a new interview with Natalie in its February issue. Although the photos that illustrate it are not new, the interview is interesting. Web version of the article is here, and the full print version here. (Thanks to Amo for the find).


Marie Claire Magazine

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Natalie is on the cover of Marie Claire France, in its December issue, and Gotceleb has some great screenshots of the article and photos that illustrate it.


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New Poll + Marie Claire Results

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Wow, it’s definitely time for a new poll. There are a few worthy topics but I’ve decided to go with a death match poll (one thing versus one other thing) about Natalie’s two recent ATOLAD premiere looks.

As for the last poll, if you can even remember that far back, while I thought the Marie Claire shoot was a big heap of “meh”, you guys generally thought differently. In fact the winning choice was the one stating that it was one of her best shoots ever, which kind of blows my mind.


New Marie Claire Poll

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It’s high time for a new poll and while I do want to do one about the new trailer, I want to start by doing a pulse check on Natalie’s Marie Claire UK shoot. Opinions seemed quite divided, which should make for intriguing results.

Even More Marie

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We’ve updated the gallery with four more new shots from Natalie’s September 2015 Marie Claire UK photo shoot.


Thanks to Belerofonte and edenLiao for the finds.

More Claire

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Four new photos from the Marie Claire UK shoot have arrived and it’s more awkwardness, particularly the walking down the stairs shot, which should have never seen the light of day.

Natalie Portman in Marie Claire UK

In addition Amo has scanned the interview, which you can find here.

Goodbye Tidbits

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Before I get to a couple Natalie news items, I wanted to say goodbye for a few days. As mentioned previously, I will be spending three months in Berlin and the journey begins on Monday, with a brief stint in Munich, before finally settling into Berlin on the 30th. Have no fear, Rachel and Andreas will keep the Natalie content coming.

– The Natalie hosted John Williams tribute on PBS came and went. Did anyone watch it? So far all we have is a brief glimpse of Natalie from this promo video. Thanks to Belerofonte.

– Cherryvanilla has heard that Natalie’s Ellen von Unwerth shoot will manifest in a cover appearance in September’s Marie Claire UK. We should be seeing that any day now.

– And finally, here is a piece about Natalie’s Italian vacation, which took her from Florence to Cortona.

Marie Claire

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I’ve been cartwheeling ever since the new Dior Magazine photo set arrived, but these two extras from the Marie Claire shoot are enough to make me crash back down to earth. From the sublime to the ridiculous. The styling on these shots are absolutely criminal. Or am I overreacting a tad? 😛

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Thanks to Kitten.