More candids photos

Since Natalie is pregnant, it seems that she is having a continuous monitoring by the gossip press. Here is a small sample of it…

-A few candids pictures of yesterday, this time taking a walk with Benjamin in Los Angeles:


… and later, taking a flight at the LAX airport:



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Out in Silver Lake

Natalie (and family, not pictured) were spotted this weekend taking a walk at Silver Lake. Hawtcelebs has the pictures:



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TIFF Straggler

Photographer Matthew Brookes has posted a stunning new portrait of Natalie to his Instagram, taken at the InStyle studio during the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month:


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Out and about in Beverly Hills

… and more candid photos. This time Natalie was seen yesterday, walking in Beverly Hills. Looking at the pictures, pregnant belly is becoming apparent. Daily Mail has the photos:



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Out in Century City

Natalie was spotted yesterday, leaving an office building in Century City, California. This time GotCeleb has the pictures:



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Back to LA

Natalie was spotted at the LAX airport yesterday, back to the city. Zimbio has the photos:



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Vanity Fair Italia

Forgotten in the festival shuffle earlier this month was Natalie’s spread in the September 2016 issue of Vanity Fair Italia, which features a gorgeous new photo from her shoot with Alique for Dior:



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Even More TIFF Portraits

The last round (though I’m sure there are a few more stragglers) of portraits of Natalie taken during the Toronto International Film Festival, starting with these two shots taken by Caitlin Cronenberg at W‘s on-site studio:

A behind-the-scenes ‘Gram and more after the jump! (more…)


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More TIFF Portraits

The next round of TIFF portraits is here, starting with this striking shot taken at the Deadline photo studio yesterday:

More to follow after the jump! (more…)


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Jackie TIFF Premiere

Natalie joined Pablo Larraín and Darren Aronofsky at the Toronto International Film Festival to present Jackie at the Winter Garden Theatre earlier this evening. Hit the preview below to view the first few photos from the red carpet in our gallery.


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TIFF Portraits

While we wait for the premiere of Jackie at the Toronto International Film Festival this evening, we can enjoy this portrait of Natalie taken at the Vanity Fair studio yesterday:

…and many more after the jump! (more…)


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Planetarium TIFF Premiere

Natalie just attended the premiere of Planetarium at the Toronto International Film Festival this evening in Ontario. Hit the preview below to see her walking the (very wet) red carpet and joining Lily-Rose Depp and Rebecca Zlotowski onstage at Roy Thomson Hall to present the film.


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Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp have made an exclusive vídeo interview with “The Wrap” (vídeo is here). To illustrate, here are a couple of great photos:




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Press Junket in Toronto

Natalie is already in Toronto to promote Jackie and Planetarium. Here are the first instagram pictures (and videos), of the meetings with the press:



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Planetarium After Party

Natalie attended a celebratory dinner after the Planetarium premiere last night. This time Just Jared has the pictures:



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Planetarium Red Carpet

DAZZA update – I am editing Belero’s post to make it a bit more objectively accurate. I think he’s probably right but let’s wait for the real confirmation 🙂

Natalie joined Lily-Rose Depp on the red carpet at Cannes for the Planetarium premiere in Venice, where she looks absolutely radiant.

Will we soon have an announcement to congratulate Natalie & family? 🙂



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Planetarium Photocall

Natalie just attended the photocall and press conference of the film, alongside Lily-Rose Depp, Emmanuel Salinger, and director Rebecca Zlotowski. As usual, Zimbio has a complete image gallery of the event:


Also, Daily Mail has a few Natalie pictures leaving the Excelsior Hotel, on the way to the Photocall.

The red carpet and premiere will take place this afternoon at 17:15.


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Jackie Red Carpet Photos

And after a great day, what better “finale” than a splendorous red carpet. Click on the image to see the first pictures:



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Jackie Photocall

This is really a great day to be a Natalie fan. Jackie has had an excellent reception from critics, and we keep coming more pictures of Venice. This time from the photocall of the film. Zimbio has the pictures:



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Jackie promotional stills

… and here we are some new great promotional stills from the film:





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