“For your consideration”

The first “for your consideration” adds for Jackie are slowly appearing. They are often included in cinema magazines in the awards season. Here are a couple of them. Thanks to Edenliao for the find:




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Jackie teaser trailer & poster

Finally, today is the day. Here are the Jackie teaser trailer and poster. Enjoy:



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It seems that the release date of Jackie, Pablo Larrain’s film starring Natalie, comes forward one week in USA and is set for December 2. The website of the film is already operational and displays the new date on it. Unfortunately, there are no trailer or official poster of the movie yet, but meanwhile here´s another great fan art, made by EB Poster:


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Jackie fan art posters

While waiting to see a oficial trailer or more promotional material of the movie, here we can see three great fan art posters, made by SG Posters:


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Planetarium Poster

Finally, here we have the Planetarium poster, the last film of Rebecca Zlotowski, to be presented at Venice and Toronto next month:


The trailer will be officially launched next week.


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New poster for a Tale

If yesterday we had a new trailer, now we have a new TOLAD poster, via The Film Stage. Essentially a new version of the original poster with a new background and contrasting colors…



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Finally we can see some pictures of Natalie (and a poster) of this movie made by UCLA students and produced by James Franco. The film premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival last year, and still has no release date.

Edit: Just Jared has an exclusive trailer.

A couple of Natalie stills…




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Jane Got a Gun special posters

Now that the movie is available on DVD and BD in many countries, it is worth remembering the last Natalie film released with some special character posters, made exclusively for the UK release.

Click in the image below to see them:



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Teaser poster for next Dolan film

There are still nearly two months to start shooting The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, (with Natalie as one of the many actors of the cast), but here are the first statements of Xavier Dolan about his next film, which outlines its intentions on the story and characters. We can also see the first promotional teaser poster:




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New ATOLAD poster

A Tale of Love and Darkness will be released in Brazil next month, and this gives us the chance to see a new poster of the film (thanks to Kitten for the find):



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New stills and poster for ATOLAD

The Polish release of A Tale of Love and Darkness will be next Friday, and new promotional images have emerged because of it.





More after the jump…



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Here is a small portion of tidbits for all you guys.

Natalie is shooting in Baltimore today, and there are a couple of nice tweets to prove it. The first is the actor Richard E. Grant (Bram Stoker´s Dracula) and the second is David DeBoy (House of Cards), which seems quite impressed by the professionalism of Natalie. Thanks to Kitten for the finds…

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New KOC Poster

Check out this really great new poster for Knight of Cups featuring Christian Bale. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find (via GQT).

New 'Knight of Cups' Poster


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We’ve got a great batch of mini news items kicking off what should be an exciting week of Natalie news.

– After many failed attempts, Jane Got A Gun will finally open in the U.S. in a week’s time. So we should be seeing a few Natalie appearances this week and the first big appearance has been announced – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. Rounding out the great line-up is John Oliver and Sia.

– Before she heads to the states, Natalie will appear tonight (Sunday) on France 2 at 20:00 to talk about the film. In French!

– Finally, is this a new Garden State poster? Can’t recall ever seeing this one before.


Thanks to Cherryvanilla and Belerofonte.


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Thanks to Mike and Belerofonte, we bring you the official US trailer for Jane Got a Gun:

Not much different from the UK trailer, but we also have a brand new poster after the jump to go with it.



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No word yet on when the U.S. will get a chance to see Natalie’s feature directing and writing debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, but it looks like Finland has lucked out and will be trudging through the snow to enjoy the film on December 11. A warm and gentle new poster has arrived for the release. Thanks to Belerofonte.



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JGAG Tidbits

Jane Got A Gun will finally land early next year in the states but it is arriving in French cinemas in just a month’s time, which means THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

– Here we have the first review (in French) that calls the film “not bad”. Stick that one on the poster! There are some encouraging comments about Natalie at least – they call her “great”.

– Next up we have a massive version of the poster, free of that annoying typography.

Jane Got A Gun

– And finally, here are a couple character posters for Ewan McGregor and Joel Edgerton.

Thanks to Belerofonte, Nina, and Mike.


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Jane Got A Poster

Well that didn’t take long at it, did it? The Weistein’s involvement seems to be moving things along with the troubled Jane Got A Gun as the first poster arrives. It’s Natalie. She has a gun. Job done?

Jane got a gun poster


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TOLAD Is Heading To TIFF

As we thought, with Natalie already heading to the Toronto International Film Festival it was always likely there might be another reason to attend. Confirmation arrived today that her directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness, will screen at the festival.

A poster for the Hebrew version has also arrived, along with news that the film will open in Israel in October.

Poster for Tale of Love and Darkness

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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German KoC Poster

A big thanks to our friends over at One Big Soul for posting the German poster for Knight of Cups, which features Christian Bale ignoring Cate Blanchett in order to look at Natalie.

German poster for Knight of Cups


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