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Eating Animals Poster & Trailer

Eating Animals, the documentary narrated and produced by Natalie and based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, will be released in the US in select cities on June 15.…

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Annihilation Chinese Poster

As is well known, China will be the third (and the last) country in which Alex Garland's film will be released in cinemas. It will be next Friday, April 13,…

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Annihilation Fan Art

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Annihilation has been almost a week released on Netflix, and many of you will have occasion to see it. Natalie makes a powerful perfomance in it.

It is, without any doubt, a beautiful film, perhaps irregular and imperfect, but ambitious and with a powerful subtext, which has all the elements to become a cult film. The first step is usually the imagination of the fans, who gives free rein to their creativity in the form of a fan art. Here we have a few posters that show us:


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Netflix Poster & Trailer for Annihilation

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For all of us who live outside of North America and China, our only chance to see Annihilation is on Netflix. Today, the well-known streaming platform has become official the film’s release date (March 12), and has launched a new poster and trailer. Here they are:


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New Annihilation Images

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Thanks to Oscarisaacfandom, here we have a new still of the film, taken from a poster stand in a movie theater. Keeping in mind that there are less than six weeks left for its release in the USA, presumably we will see more promotional images soon…


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Final Teaser Poster for John F. Donovan

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Xavier Dolan has published in his Twitter account the last three character posters of his latest film The Death and Life of John. F. Donovan… and the last one seems to be the final teaser poster (with the main character played by Kit Harington):

Seeing it, everything seems to indicate that the movie will be released next year…

After the jump are the other two posters, with Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates:


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Teaser Poster for Dolan´s Film

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Finally, here we have a teaser poster with Natalie of the last film by Xavier Dolan, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan:

In addition, an interesting article in Vanity Fair about the film and the character that Natalie plays in it. The text speculates with a premiere in festivals this fall:

With that in mind, he called last week from Montreal—where he’s editing The Death and Life of John F. Donovan—to tease me with this exclusive image of Natalie Portman, ahead of the film’s debut on the festival circuit this fall.

After the jump, there is another poster with Jacob Tremblay, Natalie´s son in the movie…


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