Netflix Poster & Trailer for Annihilation

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For all of us who live outside of North America and China, our only chance to see Annihilation is on Netflix. Today, the well-known streaming platform has become official the film’s release date (March 12), and has launched a new poster and trailer. Here they are:

Annihilation Trailer #2: Screen Captures

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Only one still has been officially released from Annihilation so far, but the new trailer has allowed us to see new moments of the film starring Natalie. To make the wait more bearable until the premiere of the Alex Garland´s movie in two months, here are a few HD screenshots of the trailer. Enjoy:

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Annihilation: Trailer 2

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The new Annihilation trailer is here, and it is visually stunning.


New Trailer Soon

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Finally there is a date for the release of the new Annihilation trailer. Within a couple of days, on Wednesday:

Nothing can prepare you for #WhatsInside. New #Annihilation trailer Wednesday 12.13.17.

A post shared by Annihilation (@annihilationmovie) on

According to Alberta rated trailers site, trailer runtime will be 2:24 minutes.

we will be attentive to it…

Sneek Peak of the John F. Donovan Trailer

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I would normally wait for a good source to post, but I think this is worth it. Here we have the last forty seconds of the teaser trailer of Xavier Dolan’s film, recorded directly from a cinema. The quality is terrible, but you can see a little hint of Natalie in it:

Updated: Original twitter link erased.

Annihilation Trailer

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Finally, an awesome trailer for Annihilation. Enjoy:

Planetarium releases in USA

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Planetarium, the film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski and starring Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp, finally got a US release. Months after its premiere in several countries (and even with Blu-ray & DVD editions in France), the movie will have a limited release on August 11 in New York and a week later in LA.

So maybe we have occasion to see some kind of premiere with Natalie and the rest of the cast next month. At the moment a subtitled trailer in English has seen the light in the last days. In essence is the same that we saw last September:

Song to Song Trailer

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Yes, it’s real. After four years of waiting, here is the Song to Song trailer:

Jackie TV Spots

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Here we have three more TV spots, from Fox’s YouTube channel. They are called “Future”, “Memory” and “Remember”:

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New Jackie Clip & TV Spots

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Refinery29 has a new, exclusive clip of Jackie. In the video we can see Billy Crudup’s character interviewing Jackie, days after the assassination of JFK.

Click on the image below to see it:


Also, there are a couple of TV spots for the film:

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Jackie Trailer 2

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The second Jackie trailer arrived and it’s just as powerful as the first, although not quite as haunting. Take a look below.

Jackie teaser trailer & poster

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Finally, today is the day. Here are the Jackie teaser trailer and poster. Enjoy:


More Jackie tidbits

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And more great news for Jackie. It seems that finally this week we have a teaser trailer for the film.

Meanwhile, the movie still adding festivals this month. In addition to New York, Larraín’s movie can be seen at Savannah, Austin, Philadelphia, Mill Valley… and Flandes, Belgium:

Planetarium Trailer… At last

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Yes, this time it’s real. A brand new Planetarium trailer has been officially launched today, with french subtitles, and in glorious HD.


The movie will be premiered on September 8 at the Venice Film Festival, and September 10 in Toronto.

Tip, a new still of film:

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Planetarium Trailer Again

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If you weren’t able to catch the Planetarium trailer before it was taken down, Mike found a working link on Instagram.

UPDATE – We’ve been asked to remove the links. Two official trailers will arrive in the last week of August.

Planetarium Trailer

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It is finally here. The trailer for Planetarium, the latest film by Rebecca Zlotowski, with Natalie and Lily Rose Depp (courtesy of the Italian distributor, with subtitles in that language).

Edit: original link deleted, We will have to wait for an official one…


New USA trailer for ATOLAD

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A Tale of Love and Darkness, the directorial debut of Natalie, will be released on August 19 in the US and Focus World has launched a new trailer for the occasion.


Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards trailer&poster

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Finally we can see some pictures of Natalie (and a poster) of this movie made by UCLA students and produced by James Franco. The film premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival last year, and still has no release date.

Edit: Just Jared has an exclusive trailer.

A couple of Natalie stills…


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The Pulitzer at 100

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On Saturday June 26th, a documentary called The Pulitzer at 100 will be shown in Toronto. This film (as the title suggests) is about the centenary of these famous awards and Natalie is involved, among many other artists, in it.

Here is the trailer of the documentary, where she can be seen briefly:

JGAG US Trailer and Poster

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Thanks to Mike and Belerofonte, we bring you the official US trailer for Jane Got a Gun:

Not much different from the UK trailer, but we also have a brand new poster after the jump to go with it.

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