check out this all NEW all fancy schmancy

and it’s all for this cutie right here.

that’s right. it’s a NEW (old) PIC!

and NEW is the word of the day.

But first some things need be addressed because i know a lot of you were concerned.

YES! the power was out for the EASTERN SEABOARD. how did this affect Natalie Directly you may be asking yourself. or maybe you were just about to ask. or maybe it never occurred to you to ask in which case you are very selfish and i must ask you to leave.

but anyway on to the point. IN THE DARKENESS Natalie stumbled! BUT SHE’S OKAY. because like the comic character Metallo she is ENTERILY ROBOTIC. except for her kryptonite heart. and i guess her brain. this procedure did not come cheap. but her parents thought it was worth while because natalie is a CLUMSY OAF. which just endears us to her further. PLUS. robot daughter….AWESOMELY COOL.

now onto the NEW stuff Of the Day After the day the new page came up!

let’s check out these NEW (old) avi’s that Northernboy made from A biography it seems. WHICH BIOGRAPHY?!?! you’ll just have to click and find out.

uh.. the second in AVIs?
4th in the ever expanding AVI series.
this is just getting ridiculous

and of course Northernboy didn’t stop there. he had to rub our nose in the fact that he has Entertainment Tonight’s FIRST LOOK at Where the Heart Is. even though we thought we had it. WE DIDN’T

it’s NEW (old)!

and a NEW (old…er no i guess it IS NEW!!) spotted from VERN who is apparently a man who spots spottings. but anyway.

SPOTTED: Natalie Portman having lunch at Cafe Mint on Tuesday . . . and also at Mint, but yesterday morning, Hugo Weaving tucking into brekkie . . .


no time for an answer. on to bigger and brighter things.

The ticker above asks the question “Nat to appear in aussie advert?” and the answer is “I guess.” a Mysterious Source says: “Nat to appear in aussie advert.” boy, that was hardly worth it. we’ll keep you up to date on this STRANGE AND WONDERFUL NEWS.

NEW (new) WALLPAPERS by people just like yourself. and maybe in some cases IS yourself.

a Drawing by Ricardo Camacho who sent it in awhile ago apparently. thanks for the patience and understanding, ricardo. unless you were furious. than THANKS FOR NOTHING. except the drawing.


A HUGE WALLPAPER!!!! by Danny Krysak

Another Drawing this time by Rockstar. not to be confused with Lonestar. which i don’t think anyone was confusing him with anyway. but just to be on the safe side: DON’T.

TWO by the CRAZY Michael Van Boolen:

why can’t i FEEL MY LEGS!!!

AND ANOTHER TWO by the equally insane but somehow more competent Jacob
you can’t wait to click on this!
this one you can take your time with. go grab some coffee. and then BE PREPARED FOR MESMERISM!!

okay KIDS that’s the end of the update. i’m especially proud of this update because it does not promote Drug Use. and that’s important these days.