Local 142


Because JC is most likely dead i have to update more than twice a month. and once again my suicide attempt is put on hold because DAZZA wants a break from updating “constantly”. i find this unacceptable and have filed a grievance with the union steward.

in other news. i’ve lowered the setting on my chair all the way down. so i’m writing this from a midgit perspective.

us little people get no breaks.

Corinne says:

I own a Zire 71, and wanted to spice up my Palm. So I tried out all sorts of launchers … but I don’t think you’ll be interested in this long voyage that took up my whole day …

What I really wanted to say is, I came upon this really great launcher that I’m using now … it’s called Embark. And the interesting thing is, they distribute an Anakin and Amidala wallpaper as an example wallpaper. I don’t know about you, but that was quite surprising to me. Admittedly, I never thought of putting Natalie Portman as my Palm wallpaper.

Aaah, but you might not find that interesting …

For the interested anyway, more information on Embark
can be found at Bitsnbolts.com

who found any of that interesting? i think we found our next poll.

Next Amazing Andy found an article about style and models and Natalie is mentioned (“Obviously,” says Dazza.) you can read the story here. but if you just read the above line that i wrote you’ve read the natalie mention already.

and then andy found this Star Wars article that he thought we’d like and then we thought you’d like it so here is the whole thing.

“In Episode I, Padmé was very formal and very ceremonial, and that became slightly relaxed for Episode II. In Episode III, we see her in a couple of business-like — but not heavily ceremonial — costumes, so generally her look is softer, and we get a chance to see her in a more relaxed state. I think even more relaxed now than she was in Episode II — softer, more feminine,”

who am i quoting? i don’t know. but you can click here and find out.

Thanks to Amazing ANDY!!

alethon has kept his eyes open for Natalie news and found this strange information. according to this site Nat will be voicing two (2) characters on the upcoming season of Digimon. what da?!

we’ll move along now into the pic portion of the update.

Megan sent in these two Anywhere But Here Caps. they are from deleted scenes. Dancing! and Waving!

Matt sent in this great drawing of natalie.

Here’s a wallpaper by flathead_21. his brother phillips_21 is proud.

and lastly Jysaac sent in 3 pieces of fanart

and that’s a wrap. this strike went well i think. and now i’m putting my chair back to it’s rightful position so that i may look down at you all from my god-like seat. i’m guessing the poll will be done on Friday. so you guys have until then to cheat. i have no faith in you folks. you’re all liars and cheaters. and that’s why i am on strike in the first place! oh go ahead. prove me wrong. you’ll only be PLAYING RIGHT INTO MY HANDS. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

oh, you men.