okay punks.

i have to admit. i’ve started using product on my hair. i used to when i was a young boy of 12 put stuff in my hair to look STUNNINGLY HANDSOME. but then i got to high school and decided you know. that kind of stuff was COMMERCIAL BULLSHIT. BUT now as a old man of 26 i put stuff in my hair again cause i dig being STUNNINGLY HANDSOME. i ask for your help! SHOULD I BE DOING THIS?!?! this is a life decision after all. you can state your opinion on our lovely Message Board. i guess you could email me. but then you’d be missing out on the community feeling of a group all discussing the same thing. MY HAIR. i’ve also not been wearing underwear on occasion. but that is another matter entirely. and i’ve got nat news.

so. first things first. our german neighbors have brought us pictures of natalie portman that we think you’d like to look at. i have not seen these pictures because my computer is very bad! but i have been assured that they are “GORGEOUS” by a very high source. and by “high” i mean that he is high up in the political structure of the site. and not that he is high on drugs or something.

the first one:

The second one:

the Third ONE:

StrwrsPunk has a pic of Natalie that we also think you might want to look at. NATURAL BEAUTY. i got no such assurance of gorgeousness from my high source. but i take it that natalie is beautiful in the above pic anyway. it was in the March issue of J-14 magaine. in a Stars Without Makeup section.

speaking of pics. Melody and Titooy have added galleries in our WORLD FAMOUS MALLORY GALLERY FOR Italian Vogue and and Closer! yes.

if it wasn’t clear enough to you already StarWatch is here to say Garden State is the best movie ever. click on there to read his review.

Amidoll sends word of natalie’s doings in london:

DAMIEN RICE is fast gaining an A-list celeb following. JUDE LAW took showbiz chums JULIA ROBERTS and NATALIE PORTMAN along to his Brixton Academy gig in London on Friday night.

i’ve never heard of this Rice fellow. but my same high source from above says he’s “PRETTY COOL”!!!!

also from my HIGH SOURCE. a blurb from a magazine called “TOTAL MOVIE SA!”


“Do you get annoyed by all the NP comparisons you receive?”
“Natalie Portman is a gorgeous girl so it’s great. Maybe I’d have a problem if someone said to me, ‘wow you look like Jim Carrey…’. I actually bumped into Natalie a couple of months ago. We actually look nothing alike nowadays. We did when we did Star Wars but now we don’t resemble each other at all…”

you have to admit. she does look a little like jim carrey.

and now on to the wallpapers.

Dana sends in these three based on the vogue pics.


and this one is from Lachert.

called RedLightNat but she doesn’t have to put on a red light!

and so. my high source wants me to remind you to send stuff in for saturday. because if you’ve been paying attention my high source was missing for a week and a half and missed our birthday last saturday and is yelling DO OVER and so we’re pretending this saturday is our anniversary. so PLEASE SEND IN A BUNCH OF CRAP FOR US TO BRAG ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE US.

also. the poll got messed up somehow and so it has been reset. i think. so i guess go ahead and re vote in our poll

thanks. for NOTHING.