it’s day five and we’re keeping it alive!

oh the irony.

we started this site four years ago in the hopes that we would bring love and peace to the world. only to recently find out that we were the cause of the war in Iraq. well, thems the breaks i guess.

but to ensure that sort of thing never happens again we have decided to adopt a mascot for because that is the only sure way of never inadvertently causing a war. so this celebratory day we are proud to bring to you the mascot….AN ELEPHANT!

i call him Gary.

anyway, me and Gary have a lot of stuff for you today. if you consider four things a lot. and we DO! Gary even thinks that three is a lot. but he’s an elephant so we forgive him, don’t we, kids?

first up. if you’ve ever wondered if your personality could be represented by a moment of time then we’ve got just the thing for you! JUTZE has made Which year are you? which now includes the FOURTH year! WE DID IT! we thank Jutze with all our hearts.

next up is this spiffy new pic from episode iii of natalie with obi wan. sent in by amidoll and ani.

the editorial from monday has been updated with comments from YOU! and YOU LOVE US!

and finally. the results of the POLL:

Will ever get a real interview with Natalie?

Absolutely, resistance is futile. 30.36% (109 votes)

No way in hell. 28.69% (103 votes)

Who cares, the fake interviews are better anyway. 25.63% (92 votes)

Not with the current staff in charge, no. 14.76% (53 votes)

and you can vote in today’s poll here. we’re tired of giving you a choice when the answer is obvious.

and that’s it. our birthday week is over. we are happy. i think we all learned some valuable lessons about life. we thank all the people who sent stuff in. and we thank Gary for bringing a little love and peace to our hardened soul. THANK YOU GARY.