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By November 6, 2005Site-news

It is November. and that means that it’s cold outside. so put on your jackets. and your MITTENS.

first i have kind of news. if you wanted to go to ebay and buy natalie’s yearbook you have another chance Here. hooray. unless it’s over with. then nevermind.

alright. we’ll get started with the past stuff with The Greatest Photo Shoot of All Time.

Look Here.

yes. she’s young in those pictures. BUT look at her shirt! Look at her goofiness! Look at her hair! all of these things proved to the world that Natalie was AWESOME. if you don’t believe me, i don’t blame you. BUT IT’S TRUE. ask your mayor. he can’t lie.


Almost killed me once. it’s a long story. better to make one up.

and now. i have three interveiws from David Letterman. and they’re all from November! see how i tied that together? I’m damn good.

In the first it is her third appearance and she talks about mittens and turkey butts. it’s not pretty. but she is! LOOK:

I don’t even think she was promoting anything. she mentions Everyone Says I Love You briefly. but I don’t think that was the main focus. it’s WEIRD.

a year later natalie came back for her fourth appearance and in this one she talks about being cold, long island T’s and saying horse in japanese. it’s about as pretty as she is.

she was promoting The Diary of Anne Frank. and probably about to fall over from fatigue. working 8 days a week will do that to you. This was the first time i had seen her on Letterman. and i had to leave work early. giving them some flimsy excuse. it was damn worth it.

she came on again in November for her Sixth appearance. and here she talks about being called Queen Latifa, blowing things up and Kissing girls!??!?! it’s as pretty as her hair is frizzy. Yeah. i just made that up.

She was promoting Anywhere But Here for this appearance. and people said she had gained her “Freshman 15” and so i decided to kill them. Yes. they are dead!

that’ll wrap it up. look at the pictures. read the transcripts. bid on Ebay. it’s a whole thing.

also. last week Episode III of Star Wars came out on DVD. so now you can watch all six IN A ROW. it’s an experience!!!

i haven’t tried it yet.

Next week, i’ll have more stuff. it should be AMAZING! but don’t hold your breath.


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