Oh, no!

I was just deciding that i wouldn’t do an update today because DAZZA made two. but then he’s all like “Sanjiro will do an update later!” who the hell does he think he is?

Just for the record it is still monday. but the weird time zone that the site is in will probably say it’s thursday 4pm.

okay. here’s what i decided to do. i’m taking ONE (1) series of pics and discussing why it is COOL. because it’s COLD outside. unless you live in the goofy part of the world where it’s not cold outside.

This is the easiest update ever. because i wrote all of this YEARS ago.

the pics can be seen Here. Or immediately below.

okay. after you’ve taken your look I’ll break it down…

First of ALL. we’ll discuss the cell phone. usually this would be a bad thing. but in the last few years i’ve forgiven cell phone users. for no great reason. but NATALIE IS LUCKY! anyway. the cell phone use is a-okay with me.


NOW. she’s got her hand in her pocket. and this is always cool. you can’t not look cool when your hand is in your pocket. it’s not possible. that’s why nuns hate it so much. they think God can’t handle coolness. but i think they’re probably wrong. cause they’re wrong about a lot of things.

now that we talked about what her hands were doing i’ll go from the top of her head all the way down.

HER HAIR. is tied back in a bun. tied back hair is cooler than …untied back hair. and buns are like princess leia. SO TIED+BUN=Star Wars HERO. and even though she already is one this makes her one all over again.

HER FACE. has a concerned/worried/angry/…. ness about it. AND we always fall in love with that kind of stuff. like a little puppy dog.

which brings me to the cuteness factor. i’d say it was at about a 12 and a half there. on a scale of 3. SHE’S THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. which makes it ten times better than BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS and whatever the heck else.

HER BLUEJEAN JACKET. is a bluejean jacket. and those are cool. she’s got the brown collar. and i’ve got one of those. it’s hard not to look cool in a bluejean jacket.

HER BACKPACK. she’s got one of them too. AND. she’s not at school or nothing. NO PURSE. HA! she rules.

of course the last two points have been well known things that she likes to do anyway!! but it’s important to note.

her shirt looks pretty cool. but i’m gonna skip that part……..

HER PANTS. she’s not wearing a dress….! she’s wearing pants. which make it cool because!!!!!!! it’s more tom boyish. and tom boy is always cute. and cute is always cool.

NO SOCKS. i don’t know why this is cool. but it is, man!!!

HER SHOES ARE GROOVY. just like mine. and groovy shoes make you walk in a groovy way. and a groovy walk gives you a groovy talk. and groovy talk makes you cool like action jackson.

SHE’S WALKING BACKWARDS. You can tell the order of the pics by the couple behind her! LOOK LOOK! she starts off on the street. then in the second pic she’s stepping up onto the curb. and then she’s on the curb. and then she’s …wait. that’s the end. BACKWARDS WALKING IS COOL!

ah cheating.

now i have the rest of the night to watch TV and drink water.