Random acts of PORTMANIA


starting these is always hard. so i’m gonna skip it.

Rachel’s pic of the day for PORTMANIA XI day 4!

In the first PORTMANIA update i called Where The Heart Is “bad”. and jesslv74 objected saying it was enjoyable. and then Dazza said we should all watch Waitress instead.

anyway. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium was worse.

speaking of MMWE! this video is an interview about it! it is old but why not watch it again?

and then there’s this video about V for Vendetta!

OH YEAH. PORTMANIA looks back!

Today silversurfer sends in a look back of his own.

and vnssml says that Brazilians LOVE PORTMANIA!

and it’s true.

before we leave here’s another Natalie Portman FACT! (WARNING: Natalie FACTS don’t know what you want from them and are trying the best that they can.)

Natalie FACT! Natalie Portman can breathe UNDER WATER for 3 Years! although this has never been tested we all generally believe it to be true. and that’s a FACT!

ONE LAST DAY! Tomorrow Natalie will turn 28 and we can all relax again for a year. but until then Drink you Milk and Eat your Carrots! IT’S PORTMANIA FOR ONE MORE DAY.