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By December 20, 2009Nat-news

I didn’t see these posted on the last few pages of the main site and they weren’t in the gallery, so I’m going to assume that they are new (I’m a little behind). Natalie was snapped on the chilly Black Swan set in Manhattan last week on the 10th:

I’ve also updated the already massive Black Swan Lincoln Center gallery with over 100 new HQ photos.

Expect some more gallery updates a little later!


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  • natsbrat says:

    My gosh she is so gorgeous, isn’t she? And compassionate. And smart. I wonder if she knows she is going to be my wife someday or if she’s just totally in the dark about it.

  • rockla says:

    natsbrat – yeah, u and about 85% of people out there want that.
    well i don’t think i’d marry her, but being her bff would be pretty awesome.

  • clone says:

    is it me, or has natalie started to shrink smaller.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Natalie Portman, now in Fun Size.

  • rockla says:

    lol @ omgzrachel
    she has always been in fun size 🙂
    we need someone to perfect human cloning, and then we can all have a Natalie in fun size.

  • natsbrat says:

    Yeah you’re right. I wouldn’t marry her either. Maybe I’d marry her in a movie role to try it out though. As long as it’s not some horror movie role where the wife drops the husband into a giant pool of acid.

    And she’s not getting shorter. The people around her are getting bigger! That one guy with the boots is like 7’10”

  • jenr1215 says:

    these photos are making the movie look boring…

  • natsbrat says:

    I’m diggin’ her Klean Kanteen. What size do you think she’s totin’? If I’d have known she was that environment-friendly I would have changed my name to environment ages ago.