Nat Kisses Sundance

Natalie made a video appearance before the Hesher screening yesterday, apologizing for not being able to make it there. Movieline has a funny little blurb about it. Festival director John…

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Hesher Thoughts

The Hesher screening was packed out yesterday, with many complaining how they weren’t able to get in. Thankfully there is another screening today. As for the first impressions, they’re a bit all over the place so far.

Sharon Waxman thought it was uneven but noted that…

You just desperately hope for some sort of plot and more screen time for Natalie Portman, a check-out lady whose role is also not very clear but who is lovely to look at no matter how bad the movie is.

The NY Post gave it close to a rave…

Spencer Susser has put himself on the map with his superb script and tight direction. “Hesher” is going to attract a lot of entirely justified attention.


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Eve On DVD

It's been a long time coming but soon we will all get the chance to see Natalie's writing and directing debut, Eve. It is part of Wolphin, a dvd package…

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Rate Hotel Chevalier

Even though the poll was only open for a day, the result was pretty clear - rate only Hotel Chevalier. So that's exactly what we're going to do. Rate Hotel…

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Forever playing catch up. - A new interview with the Mirror has a couple new-ish quotes. "I love acting but it means you leave your friends, family and home for…

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