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By November 28, 2010Nat-news

Natalie speaks about how she created her character of Nina for Black Swan in Fox Movie Channel’s “In Character With” segment. The video includes quite a few new behind-the-scenes peeks at the film. Unfortunately, Hulu is not available outside of the United States. Hopefully this video will pop up somewhere else soon.


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  • Karen says:

    Caps anyone ???


  • madonion2 says:


  • Stefan says:

    Racist Hoster … Only in the us …

  • celia says:

    Depending on my net connection today I can try and grab some caps. I have to say it’s a good vid. The most I’ve seen of her as the Black Swan for certain and without spoiling it: She’s INCREDIBLE. Sex, power, totally different from the White Swan. The costuming and makeup is gorgeous as we know, but she could’ve been in white doing this and it is THAT different. The way she moves is totally changed from what we’ve seen of her (predominantly as the White Swan). A lot of what she describes is what we’ve already heard, but it’s always nicer to see Natalie giving her take “in person” as opposed to just reading her quotes (can never be sure what is exactly what she said). It’s mostly great to see her totally unique characters between the white and black swans.