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We’ve got a few more stills for you guys. I’ve updated the gallery with what I am assuming is a behind the scenes photo from the production of Natalie’s directorial debut, Eve.

New production stills from Natalie’s most recent films (The Other Woman, Black Swan, and No Strings Attached) plus a new (at least to me) still from Léon are after the jump.


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  • dazza says:

    Care Bears ftw.

  • sascha says:

    YEAH Care Bears! In Germany they are called Glücksbärchis. I loved them in my childhood. Now I love Natalie … times have changed.

  • natpfan1 says:

    This behind the scenes photo is great! She looks so beautiful!

  • jenr1215 says:

    leon fuck yeah

  • amo says:

    I am looking forward to Nat directing other stuff so we can stop saying “Natalie’s directorial debut, Eve” :p

  • omgzrachel says:

    Sorry. :\ She did direct that short for New York, I Love You, but that whole thing was kind of crap.

  • amo says:

    aw Rachel I didn’t even notice that was you! I thought it was Dazza. I had forgotten about NYILY (although it’s being pimped atm for the UK Valentine’s Day DVD release). I just think it’s funny that we (including me) often trot out such a formal phrase when we think/ talk about Eve.