Even more Miss Dior

By March 1, 2011Nat-news

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  • sweezysara says:

    I love what her photoshoots.. Nat is really gorgeous ^^

  • nands says:

    The most beautiful girl !. I love her. I Hope one day, she should be directed again by Sofia Coppola for a movie.

  • natpfan1 says:

    nands, I’m with you on that.

    Thanks for the great photos, guys.

  • natness says:

    I love the couch photos, too bad they´re not available in high resolution

  • Sajec says:

    Please Don’t post the Dior photos. In light of the recent scandal, they are just reminiscent of how she is a hypocrite. Please post something else of hers instead or take these down.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Oh please. These were shot long before the scandal broke. If the pictures offend you so much, use your scroll bar and scroll on by.