Hesher Poster

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The official poster has finally been unveiled for Hesher, and I think the wait was worth it because that is one interesting looking poster. What do you guys think?

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All The Producers Do Not Love Sarah Lane

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Bonus points to anyone recognizing my title joke.

Right, so we all know that Natalie had a ballet double for Black Swan and that any time the camera is focused on just feet or leg work, it’s not Natalie. Along with that, Natalie’s face was digitally inserted in one or two full body shots where the double, Sarah Lane, was doing really complicated feet work that would be impossible for a non ballerina.

We all know this because it has been mentioned plenty of times. But Sarah feels that it hasn’t been mentioned enough and she’s not getting the credit she deserves for her work on the film, although the author of this Magazine Dance article seems even more upset than Sarah.

She feels slighted that Natalie didn’t mention her at the Oscars – I guess that’s one down side to naming more people than other winners, those who then aren’t mentioned feel shafted. But she did thank more below the line crew than any recent winners that I can recall.


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