New Hesher Poster > Old Hesher Poster

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I initially liked the first burning Hesher poster, but as the image sat on the site in the latest news section of the site, I started to like it less…

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More Behind The Scenes

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If you liked yesterday's Your Highness behind the scenes clips, rejoice, because Natalie's MakingOf site has an extended 13 minute version, which includes a cool shot of Natalie firing off…

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LaneGate: Dead Horse Edition

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The Wall Street Journal, who have not covered themselves in glory in covering the facts in this story, offered Natalie and Lane the opportunity to write about their experiences making Black Swan…even though Natalie basically did that for a couple months in promotion for the film. To nobodies surprise, Natalie declined and Sarah jumped at the chance.

You can read the piece here, which is not as strongly worded as some of her recent statements, but still quite upset that Black Swan wasn’t a documentary about ballet.

I’m not done yet, hit the jump.

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Clip Action

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We’ve got Thor and Your Highness clips for you today. The first embed has 7 clips from Your Highness, which presumably has some Natalie stuff in there…I don’t know because I’m already sold on the film and don’t need to see anything more. Then we have a clip from Thor in which the big guy gets brought down to earth by Kat Dennings. It’s quite a goofy scene and probably looks like an extension of Your Highness, but hopefully these moments are few and far between in the final product.

UPDATE – Your Highness clips now after the jump as they were causing issues.

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