The Scence Of Thor

Believe it or not, a fair bit of work was put into making the wonders in Thor at least somewhat grounded in reality. AICN’s science expert, Copernicus, looks at several of those examples, having talked to two of the film’s four scientific advisers. Below is a brief Natalie related excerpt but you should read the whole article over here.

She, and the writers, got the tone, and her dialog down nearly perfectly. This is partly because Marvel consulted real scientists. Sean Carroll said they asked questions like, “What kind of position would she hold?” “Could there be tension with her academic supervisor?” and even, “What kind of posters does a young physicist have on her apartment wall?” She even uses a lab notebook, just like a real scientist. Why would scientists be using pencil and paper in this digital era? When I was at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, I think it was George Smoot (now a Nobel Laureate), who convinced me of their importance. They are often consulted in court cases over intellectual property or patents, and sometimes even to determine credit for Nobel Prizes. Indeed, national labs today still encourage their scientists to keep hard-copy notebooks.