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Toto20 found a couple really great interviews with Benjamin, and you can read both in their entirety over here. Just excuse the translation.

Below are what I think are the key quotes. Starting with the news that Benjamin is going to be working in LA next year.

To get Hollywood closer to you?
At first, yes. Then it turns out that I have a great project that will keep me all year long there next year. I am funded by the LA Music Center as an artist in residence. I am hiring dancers for a very American program: a piece by Merce Cunningham, a ballet by William Forsythe, Quintett, which I am going to dance, and a room where I am going to collaborate with the New York painter Christopher Wool.

You plan to turn your new girlfriend Natalie Portman?
Black Swan The experience was unbelievable. If one day there is an idea, a desire that is, why not? But, honestly, we do not chase.

How is it to work with the one that you love?
The filming of Black Swan, was the beginning of our relationship, it was brilliant. We danced together. I carried her, it was great. It was Dirty Dancing!

How do you cope with the fact of entering the club of one of the most glamorous couples of the world?
Pfff… Frankly, I live life every day with her so super simple. It protects a lot of this shit of tabloids. Especially since we have a child.

How did Natalie entice you?
It’s simple, I fell in love right away. [opened his eyes wide to mimic his first look.] It was as in a film. It was irresistible, it was impossible not to succumb. We met around Darren Aronofsky. He came into the studio, I was working with a dancer. He wanted to see if it would stick between Natalie and me. And it worked well ‘Match’. [Laughs.]


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