PORTMANIA for all!!


To kick things off Ana says CHECK OUT NATDOG.

As everyone already knows, today is a 31 years of Natalie Portman EXTRAVAGANZA! we have more pics, a video and a review for BLACK SWAN. I also promise not to talk about FISH.

First up Celina has a retouched version of her pic from yesterday.



After THIRTY ONE PORTMANIA YEARS Natalie has done it all!!! and this great slideshow video by Stefan with a song by the FANTABULOUS Jutze shows everything!

and now i have to review BLACK SWAN.

this of course is Natalie’s greatest movie yet! she got every award possible last year. and she also got married and pregnant from it!!!

so anyway what’s it about?! it’s about a lady who can dance really well. but she has NO PASSION. and she thinks “easy. i’ll just drink some passion sauce.” nope. doesn’t work like that. she’s got to FIND HER DARK SIDE.

DOES SHE?!?! well she bites someone. and OTHER STUFF. anyway. i held off from watching this movie for awhile because i kind of thought it would be boring. but it wasn’t at all. and so i liked it! it’s a little scary. but not as scary as… UNDERWATER MONSTERS.

and so another year has passed and this has been PORTMANIA 14. we laughed, we cried, we got scared of fish. we watched a lot of natalie movies and drank water. this, my friends, is what it’s all about. Next year there will be strippers.