Jackie to be Portman’s Next Project

By October 22, 2015Nat-news

We went from not seeing Natalie much at all to expecting to see a whole lot of her. Virtually the same week she is done her latest film Planetarium, Natalie will be working on a new project called Jackie. With a casting call placed on facebook here, we can gather that this film will be based on the famous Jackie of whom was married to the late John F. Kennedy. More Facebook casting links can be found here and here.

These are some exciting times for sure! 2016 cannot come sooner. Thank you to Belerofonte as per usual for the heads up!

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  • Steve says:

    Will it be in English?


  • Natness says:

    I wonder if John F. Kennedy made a subconscious decision to go to Texas with low security because his health was poor?

  • natness says:

    Exciting. Can´t wait to see her in that role, although as a director she would probably not have been my first casting choice.

    PS. Someone´s using my name… ts ts ts.

  • Chad Christian Hawkins says:

    Thee most genuine actress…Natalie!! Maybe you know but I doubt you of anyone else truly see’s the genuine beauty of who you really are! Your face is perfect no doubt…but your acting shows me what an amazing soul you are!…I would… I guess all I can say is if I met you I would be so grateful! I’m not crazy when I say this, I genuinely love you! I wish you knew who I am. A good man no doubt…and good looking too I think haha 😉 thank you for bring you! ❤️