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It’s that time where we are blessed with a sprinkle of Natalie news and goodies! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Firstly, we have a video compilation of Natalie’s films beautifully put together by Clipknot. This ten minute video features Natalie’s filmography from when she was young to now, and each film is accompanied with a quick scene from each respective film and a variety of photographs of various shoots Natalie has done over the years. It is a great piece, and it was found for us by OklahomaBlows. Enjoy!

In other news, Natalie was the guest of honor at the TIFF Soirée earlier this year, and she has just been made the guest of honor at another prestigious event. At the Casip-Cojasor Foundation Gala (happening December 7th), Natalie will take the stage alongside the French ambassador of Israel Aliza Bin Nun and French philosophical writer Alain Finkielkraut.The Casip-Cojasor Foundation helps families in France with scholarships, loans and other services to help those in need, and it has a focus on families of Jewish descent. You can find out more information on the big event here. Thank you Belerofonte for the find!

Finally, we have some big promotional news in relation to one of Natalie’s upcoming films, which also happens to be a film that has been highly buzzed about when it comes to the most anticipated films of next year: Planetarium will be promotionally featured at the American Film Market! AFM, which begins tomorrow, will have Rebecca Zlotowski’s third directorial effort in the spotlight where it will be pitched to be bought and distributed for next year. Photos and details of the shooting so far will be announced to help sell the film, and it has been hinted at how many days are being used for shooting (reportedly 45, according to the accompanied article). More information can be read here. Thank you Belerofonte for this piece as well!

That’s all for now, but we have some big updates to work with in the meantime!