JGAG French Release Date

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Following the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, various films have had their release dates pushed. This includes Jane Got A Gun, which has already faced its many shares of postponing. Previously, a statement on the matter has been released stating that the priority of the film was to have it be shown during a more peaceful time, and to have it debut when media can focus on matters other than the attacks. Well, we have a confirmed release date now. The film has been pushed to January 27, 2016, as it is shown here. That mentioned statement can be found here, and another official announcement on the matter can be reached here.

If you’re looking for some more insight on how this film is doing (when we weren’t sure if it would have even seen the light of day ever), there’s a new German review that basically states that this film is okay. From what I can gather from this review, it may be a predictable ride that is made better with the talents of the film’s leads. Hey, after all of the production nightmares, I’ll take it! The review is here.

Thanks to Belerofonte for the scoop as usual. We are slowly getting this film finally.