Brief introduction…

Hi guys. I am Belerofonte. Many of you know me from my participations in the forum.

Here begins a new period in my journey within the site. From now on I will take care to keep you abreast of important news as they occur throughout the week about Natalie. A small extension of what I do in the forum at this time.

Do not expect long speeches, just good and timely information about what is happening in Natland.

After years of little movement, it begins an interesting time in the career of Natalie, and we will try to be there to report everything that goes happening …

Greetings to everyone 🙂

DAZZA’S NOTE – I’ve been trying to get Belero to do updates for years. So glad he finally agreed to give it a go and it will allow us to get important Natalie news up much quicker. He’s basically been the 4th Beatle for the last few years anyway.