And here’s the weekly ration of tidbits for you all …

-The latest additions to the Cannes festival competition have been announced, and Planetarium is not among them, so we have to wait for the French premiere in October to see the film. Until then, the current rumors suggest a slot in Venice Film Festival.

-Talking about Planetarium, Vanity Fair France features an article and interview with Lily-Rose Depp this month, in which is included a nice reference to how Natalie played an important role in the selection of the Johnny Depp´s daughter for the movie:

She (Natalie) was who suggested the name of Lily-Rose Melody Depp to Rebecca Zlotowski, the Planetarium director. “Natalie sent me a picture of her while I was looking for a French speaking American to play her little sister aged 13, tells Vanity Fair in the latter. The resemblance between the two was quite disturbing. “The director is gone to meet her:” In May, we met. We walked in Paris, had a drink, bought a few things, she recalls. I liked her light, her grace, her femininity voluntary and no clutch. The cast stopped there.

-Finally, as we all know, Natalie attended the festival in Beijing last week, where she made several press interviews about her directorial debut. In one of them, she made a small mention to Planetarium, Annihilation and Jackie. Google translation does a poor job translating from Chinese to English … but something more we can know about these projects:

Netease Entertainment: Is in “Planetarium” where you are the whole speak French? How to cooperate with Lily Rose-Depp?

Natalie Portman: In “planetarium” in fact two-thirds of the time in French-speaking, English-speaking third of the time. But because I play an American, so I said the French have nothing on the American accent. Lily Rose can talks great, because her mother is French. So she had a little accent, because we both want to play a pair of sisters. She is great, very smart, versatile, sweet and fun.

NE: Now you have to play Jacqueline Kennedy and Ruth Ginsburg (United States Justice), starred in such iconic women have no pressure?

NP: The current project I just finished is the “first lady”, because this is the first time I played a people so well-known actor, so a little panic. People know her dress, manner of speaking and even walking. So I hope I can play right.

NE: Can you talk about the new film “Annihilation”?

NP: The film begins shooting in two weeks, directed by Alex Garland. Personally, I’m excited, because women are the center of this sci-fi movie. The film will have a team of women to unlock the truth of these bizarre events. I was also blessed with many excellent actors, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Lee… very exciting.