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By July 14, 2016Nat-news, News

Later we will have a proper gallery of images from the interview in T Magazine, but to make the wait more bearable here’s a hallucinating video that accompanies the photo shoot.




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  • AMSSERME says:

    The video is in French.I watched the video but it doesn’t make sense to me.Can anyone explain what the narrator is saying and the meaning of this video? It looks like a Horror genre movie.

  • jesslv74 says:

    That’s a weird one. I couldn’t seem to bring up subtitles. Usually YouTube has an option to do that, unless I’m missing it.

  • Belerofonte says:

    Obviously there is a clear tribute to surrealism ….to Luis Buñuel, with “Un Chien Andalou” or “The Golden Age”.

  • sam says:

    ok everyone I am French but I’m not good at all in your language is by google translation I translated what you said the man in the video:
    Be careful, an object, a gesture, a decoration, an attitude. every detail is important.
    For the first time in the cinema, you will be the co-author of a film. From the pictures you’ll see, you’ll create even history, according to your sensitivity, your character, your mood, your past life. That’s for you to decide if this is either the truth or lying. If this image is real or imaginary, present or past? all items will be given you.
    To you, to conclude.

  • AMSSERME says:

    Thank you,sam.

  • Melody Nelson says:

    The voice over is from the trailer of 1961 French film “Last year in Marienbad” (directed by Alain Resnais)
    You can hear it (with english subtitles) at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9sBL_f2M5k
    It starts at 1’38