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By August 10, 2016Nat-news, News

An old but impressive photograph of Natalie in an unknown photoshoot has emerged. It seems taken in the mid-nineties by Hugh Stewart, and is tagged with hashtags relating to Baz Lurhmann´s Romeo&Juliet (who knows…). Anyway, it’s really great:

Natalie Portman in the back of a car. #natalieportman #romeoandjuliet #bazluhrmann

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What do you think, guys?


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  • Steve says:

    Fantastic…great find!

  • Rachel says:

    Test photo maybe? Wasn’t she originally cast in the film but recast early on because she looked too young?

  • Belerofonte says:

    Yeah, I remember that. Lurhmann said in the DVD extras she was considered for the role and even got to shoot some test scenes with DiCaprio in Sidney, but she was too short (and young) compared with him.

    Given that Stewart has made much of his career in Australia, it is very likely that picture is a kind of test run. If so, this photo would be a great treasure 🙂

  • natness says:

    This is so 90s. And so adorable.

    A pity Natalie wasn´t cast for Romeo+Juliet. But then again, she has always looked younger than her age (she could be in her mid twenties today), and when the film was shot she was 14, maybe 15. It might have turned out to be awkward in the end, so I understand the dicision.

    Anyway, that photo prompts father feelings in me: take care. Be safe. Don´t talk to strangers. Why so absentminded?