Jackie Tidbits

Taking advantage of this news break in Natland these last two days, we are going to collect some tidbits about the Pablo Larrain´s film.

-First of all, Natalie continues to receive several awards from various critics associations: Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix Circle and Kansas are the associations that have given recognition to the work of Natalie in the movie so far.

Fox 2 Channel has another of the many interviews that Natalie has given on the occasion of the premiere of Jackie, this time for Kevin’s Reel World:

Rolling Stone has an interesting interview with Pablo Larrain on how faced the challenge of directing two very different biopics such as Jackie and Neruda.

-Noah Oppenheim, screenwriter of the film, talks in Variety on the Limits of Dramatic License in ‘Jackie’.

-Finally, a curious note: Reese Witherspoon has published in her twitter account a message praising Natalie’s performance and encouraging the audience to see the film.