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FAZ Interview

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung interviewed Natalie on the occasion of Jackie’s upcoming release in Germany. This was done during the press junket at the Peninsula Hotel a couple of months ago (just after the American presidential elections), so the questions about Pablo Larrain’s film are complemented with those related to Natalie’s support for the Clinton campaign in November. Here are some interesting quotes, translated from German. Thanks to our friendly German fans, and Arvid in particular:

About her language skills:

Mrs. Portman, in Wikipedia we can read that you speak German…

Unfortunately, this is not true. I can only use a few words, so probably most people.

But is it true that you speak French and Hebrew?

Yes, my French is also very flawed. At home we speak English.

About the film…

The film revolves around the time right after the assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy and has some rather drastic scenes. Do you think it could crack old wounds in the Kennedy family?

I can imagine it might not be easy for them to watch the movie. But they hopefully have a choice whether to see him or not.

The film conveys the message that Jackie Kennedy was quite different in public appearances. Why did you think so?

I think everyone has different personalities depending on who he is dealing with. We do not show the same character traits of each of us.

This also applies to you personally?

Yes, I think this is true for everyone. Some people are stronger, others are weaker. Some are funny, others are more serious. Jackie had a very good sense of how people would see her and how she wanted to be seen.

About her support to Clinton campaign:

They have supported Hillary Clinton in the election campaign and have performed at some of their events. How did you feel in the election night?

I was quite horrified. On the other hand, after this first feeling was over, I felt an energy within me to personally engage more with the people around me and try to change things to the positive.

What could you imagine?

For example honorary tasks. In particular, to involve me in programs aimed at girls and women and encouraging them to strive for leading roles in areas for which they have a passion.

About Trump and the new administration…

When you look out of the window of this hotel, you will see the Trump Tower. What is going on in you?

Well, I am well aware of the political moment in which we are, and I observe this very attentively. I simply think we have to be very active citizens and bring in our country.

What are you most afraid of?

I dont know. I do not want to stop worrying too much. You have to accept reality and react as best you can and be the best person you can be. And then you hope for the best. My country and the whole world are very dear to me, and we must remain positive and hope instead of giving ourselves to fear. But, of course, you should also carefully monitor what happens.

About “feeling” American or Israeli…

You could say that you love the United States, but your heart is in Israel.

I feel above all as a citizen of the world, because I think nationalism and patriotism will be our downfall. Culturally, of course, I have been influenced mainly by the areas where I have lived. America is the first place because I spent most of my time here, but also Israel has shaped me very much, and most recently France too.