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By July 20, 2017Nat-news, News

Natalie was interviewed for News Zero in Tokyo this morning. At the moment we only have a couple of photos of the interview, but hopefully we can see a video soon:


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  • Micah says:

    That dark brown dress looks good on her and there’s that nice smile on that pretty face again. By the way Natalie I kind of think of you or look at you as a younger sister in a way, I’m 45 and you’re 36 I think, and happy late birthday by the way(sorry it’s late), so all these comments I make about you are from a friendly older brotherly type of way even though you’re not my older sister in my family, but even so just think of me as older friendly older brother in the eyes of God. And I think it’s so neat and special you being Jewish and from Israel Natalie, and I’m a Christian by the way even though I’m far from being that perfect Christian, and just remember that you’re a special gift from God. I do have four pictures or posters of you hanging in my house, one of you when you won your Oscar in that gorgeous purple dress and a V for Vendetta poster with you and Hugo Weaving. I also have several of your movies too. I always like John Wayne in westerns, but surpriselingly I have not seen you ride a horse yet in Jane’s Got A Gun(got to see that one). I know people will see and read these comments but that’s ok, it’s all for Natalie.