And now the moment that everyone was waiting … a new ration of Tidbits.

Planetarium will be released in USA in just two weeks, and here we have a new clip of the film, in which we can see Natalie in a spiritualist session:

Eye for Film has an interview with Kirk Simon, the director of the documentary The Pulitzer at 100, in which he dedicates pleasant words to Natalie and her intervention in the film:

AKT: And Natalie Portman?

KS: Natalie Portman reads Jorie Graham and she studied under Graham at Harvard. She chose, I knew, what to me would be a difficult piece, because it was a minute and a half. To read 20 seconds of The Age Of Innocence, someone like Helen Mirren could just look at it and have it memorised. It’s a talent they have. A minute and a half piece is long.

Natalie Portman was shooting. We did it in Paris where she was filming a perfume commercial. She’s a representative of a large perfume manufacturer and they had a lunch break. And she was in makeup and she just came out and did this piece. It was only a couple of days after the Paris bombings.

AKT: You mean the Bataclan attack?

KS: The first one, two years ago.

AKT: Charlie Hebdo?

KS: Yes. And she brought her young son to work because she didn’t want to leave him. And he kind of cuddled up next to me, we looked at the monitor together, checking Mom [Portman] out. And it was all very sweet.

-Finally, here is an instagram “remembrance” of The Seagull, the play that Natalie starred alongside great actors such as Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour-Hoffman, Kevin Kline, Christopher Walken and many others, as an old program hand: