I wish all the Natalie fans had enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day. While we wait for the “Lucy in the Sky” trailer, we have some great tidbits:

Pop Sugar has an interesting article about the surprising reason Natalie’s makeup in Vox Lux took 4 hours to do.

-Speaking of Vox Lux, Alex Billington and Mike Eisenberg collaborate on this interesting First Word podcast to review Brady Corbet´s movie.

Annihilation is receiving a lot of praise from critics this year. The film directed by Alex Garland has been nominated in the best picture category by the Online Film Critics Society Today. Also, we have a great analysis of the final scene of the movie in this article for The Atlantic.

-To end with a funny note, Vulture echoes this story about an Annihilation gingerbread lighthouse made by Girl Code actress Shalyah Evans and her baker mother Catherine Stegman: