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It’s time for a few Tidbits…

Collider has an interview with Noah Hawley on Legion and Lucy in the sky. In this interview, the director details the approach of the film and the character played by Natalie:

How different did it feel to make a movie? 
HAWLEY:  Well, it’s a magic realism astronaut movie. What was exciting about it was that it allowed me to continue thinking about filmmaking subjectively. It’s the story of Lucy Cola, who went to space and came back, and now her old life doesn’t feel right to her and she’s got to get back up there. So, how do we cinematically put you into her frame of mind, in a way that doesn’t require us to be a traditional drama? It’s not the show, but it’s filmmaking that’s trying to create something experiential, that’s not always necessarily information driven. It’s more about what it’s like to be Lucy Cola, and it explores a psychological decline, in a way that the audience can understand and stay with her, the whole time, without ever judging her. She makes mistakes, but mistakes are human.

-Xavier Dolan´s movie will be released in canadian cinemas on August 23. No news yet of a premiere in USA…

-Speaking of Dolan´s film, we have a new clip of the movie (again, dubbed in italian). In this scene we can see the Quebecois director’s style in all its splendor: