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Some details about the cancellation of the HBO film

Natalie’s reasons for leaving HBO’s The Days of Abandonment project remain unknown, but we have a few small details about the abrupt end of production….

-First of all, according to Sydney Morning Herald, a last minute replacement was reportedly attempted to replace Natalie, but was impossible due to the strict Australian quarantine. Crew members have been dismantling the film’s soundstage at Fox Studios all week,  and it will be replaced by Hamish Blake’s Lego Masters series, which is moving production from Melbourne to Sydney, where his family is based.

-As for the crew, according to this article, they will receive a week’s pay and the production will pay them the expenses derived from the quarantine.

-As for Natalie, we still don’t know the “unforeseen personal reasons” why she decided to leave the project. She was briefly spotted on Thursday in Vaucluse. She and her family had appeared to settle comfortably after nearly a year in Sydney, but a couple of months ago, Natalie deleted all of her Instagram posts and hasn’t posted anything since.

We hope that whatever happened, it’s nothing really serious. Natalie remains committed to a couple more projects: Lady in the Lake, the series for Apple TV, and May December, the film by Todd Haynes with Julianne Moore.