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Return to the USA

We momentarily break our rule of not posting paparazzi photos to report some relevant news: Natalie and her family have left their rented house in Vaucluse on Thursday and are returning to the United States after almost a year living in Sydney. They arrived in Australia on September 1, 2020 to film the fourth Thor movie. Benjamin also shot “Carmen,” his directing debut, earlier this year. Following the cancellation of the HBO film, there seems to be no reason to stay in the country any longer. The Australian tabloids had been spreading the rumor for months that they were thinking of buying a house to stay permanently in the country, so it is not known if this is a temporary trip or the return to the United States is definitive. Children’s faces are (obviously) blurred:

For now, it seems that we will see the couple soon at the L.A. Dance Project Gala on October 16, in what would be Natalie’s first “in person” public appearance in a year and a half, after the entire pandemic: