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‘Lady In The Lake’ Forced To Halt Production After Extortion Threats 

Unfortunately, filming for the “Lady in the Lake” miniseries is proving to be more eventful than usual: according to Baltimore Banner, the Apple TV+ series filming in Baltimore stopped production Friday after several people threatened the producers and tried to extort money from them, Baltimore police said.

Updated with an Instagram post from Alma Har’el explaining what happened and giving thanks to the citizens of Baltimore.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department said the crew was filming around 4 PM in the downtown area when the producers were approached by several people. The group claimed if they didn’t stop filming they would come back and shoot someone, police said.

However, they said no violence would occur if they were paid an unspecified amount. Producers decided to halt filming and seek a new location. Local news outlet The Baltimore Banner reported that drug dealers attempted to extort $50,000 from the production, which producers declined to pay.

“Friday afternoon, on the Baltimore set of our production ”Lady in the Lake”, prior to the arrival of the cast and crew, per their call time, a driver on our production crew was confronted by two men, one of whom brandished a gun directed at our driver, and then they fled the location. We are working with the Baltimore Police Department as the investigation is ongoing,” the studio behind the series, Endeavor Content, said in a statement late Sunday. “The safety and security of our crew, cast and all who work across our productions is our highest priority, and we are thankful no one was injured. Production will resume with increased security measures going forward.”

“It has been a privilege filming ‘Lady in the Lake’ in Baltimore, working with its vibrant community across many areas,” the statement continued. “Our thanks and appreciation to the City of Baltimore, Mayor Brandon M. Scott, the Baltimore Film Office, Maryland Film Office and the Baltimore Police Department for their incredible support as we continue production in the great City of Baltimore and surrounding communities.”

Let’s hope the filming continues soon….

Update: director Alma Har’el has posted an Instagram post explaining what happened and thanking the citizens of Baltimore for their support during filming: