You are currently viewing ‘Secrets Of The Elephants’  Premieres Today

‘Secrets Of The Elephants’  Premieres Today

Secrets of the Elephants, the documentary produced by James Cameron and narrated by Natalie, premieres today on National Geographic and begins streaming tomorrow (Earth Day) on Disney+

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Natalie Portman, this four-part, gorgeously filmed series travels the globe to unveil majestic stories about — and intimate peeks at — these most massive of land animals, whose abundant emotional lives are surprisingly similar to humans in myriad ways, expressing compassion, cooperation, empathy, generosity, grief, playfulness and resilience.
Forbes has an article about the documentary, and includes an interview with Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Bob Poole about his role as director of photography for this film, as well as his vacation recommendations for elephant-loving travelers.