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New Animated Project for Natalie

Natalie has not worked much in animated films in her career, apart from supporting voices in some TV series. It seems that that is going to change soon….

According to Deadline, she has joined the English-language voice cast for French director Ugo Bienvenu’s upcoming animated feature Arco about a boy who uses rainbows to travel through time and his adventures as he gets stuck in the wrong era.

Natalie is also producing with Sophie Mas under their production company MountainA with Félix de Givry at Paris-based Remembers.

“Sophie and I are blown away by the craftsmanship, nuance, and genius of Ugo Bienvenu’s world. We hope Arco will resonate with families all around the world, like The Iron Giant or Wall.E have in the past,” said Natalie referring to Brad Bird’s 1999 Bafta-winning film and Andrew Stanton’s 2008 Oscar winner.

The film seems to be in the process of being finalized, so presumably we will see it soon.