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Better Living Through PORTMANIA.


and we’re going to try to make this the best PORTMANIA day ever! With More Love! and More Balloons! And More Exclaimation Points!!!

What do ya say, guys? WILL THIS BE THE BEST PORTMANIA EVER?!?!!!?

Natalie Says:

Whoa! That’s the angriest human being i’ve ever seen in my life!

We’ll leave her alone for a few minutes and let her calm down. Give her a little space.

Speaking of space, it’s time to think about the Future! After 26 PORTMANIAS we’ve pretty much conquered the world, and so the only thing left to do would be to spread our message of peace love and understanding to infinity and beyond!!! That’s right: PORTMANIA is joining the Space Force!


We have to start building rockets and drinking Tang. In the meantime here’s a new PORTMANIA poster.

Alright, let’s do a PORTMANIA Activity!

After all the PORTMANIA Snacks yesterday, we have to do some PORTMANIA Exercises! We have to get in shape for the space race!

Yeah! We can do it!

“I haven’t run this much since I was dressed as a French Fry!”


And now here’s a bunch of pictures of Natalie playing tennis:

That’s right Tennis is the official sport of PORTMANIA! None of us can actually play though.

But anyway…

ALRIGHT, it’s been a little while, let’s check on Natalie and see if she’s doing better?

Natalie Says:

That’s good! And it’s just in time for the end of DAY THREE!! TOMORROW the fun will continue with DAY FOUR! Disappointment and failure await! Join us, won’t you?

I Think, Therefore PORTMANIA!