Annihilation Tidbits

  A few tidbits here about the movie for all you guys... -Summer is about to start, and the filming of Annihilation comes slowly to an end ... or at…

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New Planetarium Still

  Planetarium, the movie directed by Rebecca Zlotowski and starring Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp, will open in November in France. We have not seen much graphic material of the film…

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First Annihilation set photos

  Finally here we have the first pictures of Natalie on the set of Annihilation. They don't have a great quality, but we can see the look that she will…

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Weekly Tidbits

  After this week of celebration, here are the very few news of the week :) -Natalie is still very busy with the filming of Annihilation (and then the Dolan…

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Jane Got a Gun special posters

  Now that the movie is available on DVD and BD in many countries, it is worth remembering the last Natalie film released with some special character posters, made exclusively…

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It’s a very quiet beginning of week in Natland, but here are a few tidbits for you all, guys.

-First of all, Annihilation continues filming in England, and this weekend were shooting scenes in Aldershot, southwest of London. Unfortunately no photos where the actors appear, but a (distant) Instagram picture of night shooting:


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Annihilation tidbits

  The filming of "Annihilation" continues, and gradually get to know more details of the movie. -This weekend, shooting will move to Aldershot, England. According to this article, the evening…

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